3C Battery Manager

3C Battery Manager

v4.9.2 by 3c

3C Battery Manager stands out as a trailblazer, offering users unprecedented control over their device's battery health through advanced historical data visualization and a feature-rich interface.

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Name 3C Battery Manager
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Version 4.9.2
Update June 3, 2024
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3C Battery Manager is the most famous version in the 3C Battery Manager series of publisher 3c
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3C Battery Manager emerges as a cutting-edge solution for users keen on mastering their device’s battery performance. This advanced application distinguishes itself with its unparalleled ability to present and analyze historical data, showcasing vital metrics such as percentage, mA, mW, mV, and temperature through customizable graphics. Not confined to real-time monitoring, 3C Battery Manager empowers users to track their battery’s behavior over time, identify patterns, and make informed decisions for optimization. With features like status bar/notification displays, home screen widgets, and a robust alarm system, the app ensures real-time access to critical information. Tailored support for various devices, low battery consumption, and optional in-app purchases for enhanced features further solidify 3C Battery Manager’s position as a sophisticated and comprehensive battery monitoring tool. In this article, we bring you the MOD APK version of the app with All the Pro Features Unlocked for free, which make your use more comfortable.

Historical data visualization

The standout feature that makes 3C Battery Manager an advanced battery monitoring app is its ability to present historical data in a highly customizable and detailed manner. Unlike basic real-time monitors, this app goes a step further, allowing users to track their device’s battery performance over time with historical data including percentage, current, power, voltage, and temperature. What sets it apart is the capability to visualize this data using customizable graphics, enabling users to identify patterns and trends easily. This advanced historical data presentation empowers users to make informed decisions about battery optimization, calibration, and overall device management, offering a level of insight crucial for proactive battery health management. In essence, 3C Battery Manager’s sophisticated historical data visualization makes it a powerful tool for users seeking a comprehensive understanding of their device’s battery behavior.

Graphical Widgets

Enhances the home screen experience by adding widgets of various sizes, displaying historical data through graphical representations for quick and visual monitoring.

Precious status bar/notification display and home screen widgets

Status bar/notification display: Offers real-time battery information in the device’s status bar and notification center, providing quick access to essential details.
Home screen widgets: Allows users to customize their home screen with widgets of various sizes, offering an additional visual representation of battery data for easy monitoring without opening the app.

Convenient alarm system and remaining time calculation

Alarm system: 3C Battery Manager takes proactive measures to ensure users stay informed about their device’s battery status. The app includes a robust alarming system that triggers notifications based on customizable battery thresholds. This feature proves invaluable in preventing unexpected power drains and optimizing battery life according to the user’s preferences.
Accurate run-time estimation: Calculating estimated run-times while unplugged or charging, 3C Battery Manager takes the guesswork out of managing your device’s battery life. Whether using AC, USB, or wireless charging, the app provides precise information on how long your device can run on its current battery charge.

Battery calibration and aging

Battery calibration: Assists users in calibrating their device’s battery for accuracy, ensuring that the reported battery levels align with the actual charge.
Battery aging calculation: Provides insights into the long-term health of the battery, helping users understand how their battery’s capacity may change over time.

Support for multiple batteries and devices

3C Battery Manager is designed to cater to a wide range of devices and configurations. It supports multiple removable batteries and provides special support for devices like Asus Transformer, Padfone, Inno D6000, and HP dual battery devices. Samsung device users will appreciate the special edge support tailored to their specific needs.

Lowest battery consumption

In addition to being feature-rich, 3C Battery Manager prides itself on having the lowest battery consumption on the market. This ensures that the app itself doesn’t contribute to unnecessary power drain, enhancing the overall efficiency of the device.


In conclusion, 3C Battery Manager emerges as a comprehensive and indispensable tool for anyone looking to take control of their device’s battery health. With its rich set of features, intuitive interface, and dedication to optimizing battery performance, this app sets a new standard for battery monitoring tools. Empower your device and extend its lifespan with 3C Battery Manager – the ultimate solution for monitoring, optimizing, and preserving your battery’s longevity.



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