Ooga Tribe Adventure

Ooga Tribe Adventure

v1.0.17 by TREEPLLA

Ooga Tribe Adventure stands out as a captivating strategy game, seamlessly blending historical heroes, evolutionary gameplay, and imaginative conflicts against primitive animal tribes for a unique and

Android Android 5.0Simulation
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Name Ooga Tribe Adventure
Publisher TREEPLLA
Genre Simulation
Size 113.10M
Version 1.0.17
Update December 23, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money
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Ooga Tribe Adventure is the most famous version in the Ooga Tribe Adventure series of publisher TREEPLLA
Mod Version 1.0.17
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Ooga Tribe Adventure is an engaging strategy game that takes players on an evolutionary journey from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages, blending historical elements with innovative gameplay. The game introduces renowned historical heroes like Yi Sun-shin and King Arthur, allowing players to command these figures with unique abilities. As civilizations advance through different ages, players must adapt their strategies and technologies to face evolving challenges. One distinctive feature is the creative concept of waging wars against primitive animal tribes, such as monkeys and fire lizards, contributing to an imaginative storyline where victories upgrade civilization with the “torch of knowledge.” The game also simplifies resource management with an easy-to-use system, while diverse maps and hidden treasures add visual variety and excitement. In addition to provide you the necessary information about the game’s highlights, we bring you the MOD APK version with advanced features of No-Ads and Unlimited Money. Let’s go deeper into the article right now!

The clever mix of history and strategy

Ooga Tribe Adventure sets itself apart in the strategy game genre through its unique blend of history and gameplay innovation. The inclusion of renowned historical heroes such as Yi Sun-shin and King Arthur adds an exciting dimension to the strategic experience, allowing players to command these figures with special abilities. What truly distinguishes the game is its evolutionary approach, guiding players through different ages from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages, prompting adaptive strategies and technological advancements. The game introduces a fresh twist by pitting players against primitive animal tribes, weaving an imaginative storyline where victories over these tribes upgrade civilization with the “torch of knowledge.” Simplicity is key with an easy-to-use resource-gathering system, and diverse maps, ranging from plains to volcanoes, ensure visual variety and the thrill of discovering hidden treasures. In essence, Ooga Tribe Adventure offers a captivating and distinctive gaming experience, standing out with its historical depth, strategic elements, and creative scenarios in the world of civilization-building games.

Evolutionary gameplay

Ooga Tribe Adventure’s progression through different ages, from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages, provides a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience. As civilizations advance, players must adapt their strategies, technologies, and units to match the challenges presented in each era. This evolutionary aspect adds a strategic depth that goes beyond simple resource management, offering a more nuanced and engaging gaming experience.

War against animal tribes

The concept of waging wars against primitive animal tribes introduces a unique twist to the typical conflict scenarios found in similar games. This creative approach not only adds variety to the adversaries faced by players but also enhances the immersive and imaginative aspects of the game. Defeating these animal tribes to upgrade civilization with the “torch of knowledge” brings an original storyline element to the strategic gameplay.

Resource-gathering simplicity

The easy-to-use resource-gathering system, where players can gain resources by upgrading and working with miners, simplifies the gameplay without sacrificing depth. The automatic nature of the miners allows players to focus more on strategic decisions and less on micromanagement, providing a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

Diverse maps and hidden treasures

The inclusion of diverse landscapes, ranging from plains and deserts to snowfields, jungles, and volcanoes, ensures that players are constantly faced with new challenges. The exploration of different maps not only adds visual variety but also introduces the excitement of discovering hidden treasures and items. This feature enhances the overall replayability and sense of adventure in the game.


Ooga Tribe Adventure’s ability to seamlessly blend historical elements, diverse strategic gameplay, and imaginative scenarios sets it apart in the genre. The incorporation of historical heroes, the evolution of civilizations through various ages, and the unique war against animal tribes collectively contribute to a gaming experience that is both intellectually stimulating and entertaining. This innovative approach to the genre ensures that Ooga Tribe Adventure stands out as a captivating and distinctive title in the world of civilization-building and strategy games. We bring you the MOD APK version at the end of the article. Readers can download it for free. Having fun!



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