Otherworld Legends

Otherworld Legends

v2.2.2 by ChillyRoom

Download Otherworld Legends MOD APK (Unlocked, God Mode and Mod Menu) for freely enjoying one of the best RPG games on Android!

Android Android 5.0Role Playing
5 ( 543 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Otherworld Legends
Publisher ChillyRoom
Genre Role Playing
Size 811.87M
Version 2.2.2
Update March 19, 2024
MOD Unlocked
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Otherworld Legends is the most famous version in the Otherworld Legends series of publisher ChillyRoom
Mod Version 2.2.2
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  • Menu
  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode
  • Unlocked VIP
  • Unlocked All Characters
  • Unlocked All Skills
  • No Skill CD
  • Game Speed
  • No Ads
  • Free purchases for real money (requires Google services and authorization in them to work)
  • Acquired VIP (club membership)
  • Unlocked all characters and their skills
  • Removed ad display
  • Menu
  • Many gems, sapphires, rubies, weapon boosters, and resurrection cards
  • Items sold increases
  • Passive enemies.

Otherworld Legends is a captivating pixel roguelike action RPG that immerses players in a mesmerizing realm filled with challenges, mysteries, and endless adventures. Set in a mirage created by Asurendra, the game summons the finest warriors and fighters from various times and spaces to embark on an epic journey. With intuitive controls, diverse heroes, and randomly generated dungeons, players navigate through beautifully crafted environments, encountering enemies, bosses, and secrets along the way. From Unlimited Modes to exhilarating Multiplayer battles, Otherworld Legends offers diverse gameplay experiences, making it a standout title in the realm of pixel art gaming. Moreover, apklite brings you Otherworld Legends MOD APK with many exclusive features of Unlocked all resources, God Mode and Mod Menu. It will make you a true king of the game. See its highlights below!

Very hard to encounter all the monsters

Otherworld Legends presents an expansive array of adversaries, boasting a staggering collection of 128 distinct monsters, each with its own set of challenges and tactical nuances. Among them are the Desert Thieves, sly opportunists lurking in the desert, adept at swiftly snatching resources with their agile movements and crafty tactics. In the Chaotic Fortress, Rebellious Knights stand guard, their imposing presence marked by relentless swordplay that demands patience and strategic finesse to overcome. Meanwhile, the Stronghold biome harbors the formidable Army Prototypes, mechanical behemoths armed with relentless barrages of projectiles, impervious to conventional tactics and requiring adaptability from challengers. Lamias/Nagals, haunting the Desert with their petrifying gaze, and the swift Mistral of the China biome, both demand quick reflexes and cautious approaches from adventurers. Subjects like Subject 02, an enigmatic figure wielding gusts of wind and Pinky Tornadoes with their whirlwind assaults, disrupt battles with their unique abilities, adding layers of complexity to encounters. Lastly, the Champion Elfkin Sorceress, reigning over the Arcarune Academy with amplified strength and lethal crystal formations, epitomizes the formidable champions that test players’ mettle with their devastating attacks and strategic prowess.

Exclusive items while killing secret bosses

In Otherworld Legends, defeating secret bosses yields valuable items that can significantly enhance your abilities and survivability. Here’s a summary of some of these coveted rewards:
Dark Magic Wings: Acquired by defeating the secret boss Vlad, this item grants the ability to restore health with each successful hit landed after walking or rolling a certain distance. Additionally, it allows players to apply fear to enemies, with the duration and chance of application increasing as the player covers more ground. While offering healing and crowd control benefits, it requires strategic movement to fully capitalize on its potential.

  • Taijutsu Mask: Dropped by the secret boss Horse Head, this item boosts attack speed for a duration after using a skill. However, it significantly increases dodge cooldown during this period, necessitating careful timing and consideration of skill usage. Ideal for aggressive playstyles, it provides a consistent attack speed buff at the cost of decreased mobility.
  • Golem’s Heart: Obtained from defeating the secret boss Ifrit, this item reduces damage taken to armor by 50%, offering valuable protection against enemy assaults. While enhancing survivability, it’s essential to note that it only mitigates damage to armor and does not affect health, necessitating strategic positioning and resource management.
  • Good Fruit: Reward from defeating the secret boss Ukyo Bear, this item grants a damage boost upon using any skill, with the caveat that a fruit is launched backward and must be caught to activate the buff. The damage increase is significant and can be further augmented with certain item combinations, making it a valuable asset for characters with shorter cooldown skills.
  • Yin Yang Jade: Acquired by defeating the secret boss Oni Hime, this item rewards players with blessing points for clearing enemy rooms without taking damage. Accumulating blessing points increases damage output, with additional bonuses such as crit rate and attack speed. However, maintaining blessings requires flawless play and strategic decision-making, making it challenging to utilize effectively in higher difficulties.

Hard to achieve all the characters

The game provides you with 23 legendary heroes. In Otherworld Legends, character customization and progression play pivotal roles in shaping your gameplay experience. The following information is the set of key factors that you need to pay attention to improved your characters:

  • Stats: Characters possess six core stats – Health, Shield, Movement Speed, Critical Hit Chance, Damage, and Attack Speed – each influencing combat dynamics and survivability.
    Base stats explanation: Items and buffs augment these stats by a percentage of the character’s base stats, providing enhancements beyond their default capabilities.
  • Skills: Each character boasts a unique set of three or four skills and skill styles, allowing for diverse combat strategies. Skills can be swapped mid-game, offering adaptability to different challenges.
  • Level progression: Characters gain experience through combat, unlocking privileges such as secondary skills and additional inventory slots as they level up.
  • Targeting: Characters are targeted by enemies and must defeat them to progress. Most characters dash towards their targets with their default attacks, facilitating engagement.
  • Items and weapons: Characters collect various items and weapons throughout their journey, stored in their inventory. These items bolster their abilities, ranging from damage boosts to elemental attacks.

Game modes for every favor

Otherworld Legends offers diverse game modes to cater to various player preferences and styles. Accessed from the Command Console in the Nexus Chamber, Unlimited Modes push the boundaries of gameplay with extravagant mechanics, including Imba Mode and Battlefield Mode, offering unparalleled challenges and opportunities to test skills. Considered the pinnacle of attraction, Multiplayer mode unlocks after completing specific in-game milestones and can be accessed through the Nexus Chamber, allowing players to engage in battles with warriors from parallel universes either locally or online. With Curito as the gateway, Multiplayer mode offers thrilling cooperative experiences and competitive showdowns. Introduced as an additional quest giver, Omnisphere enriches the gaming experience by providing tasks that educate players about various game aspects and unlock new features. Situated above a water pool in the Nexus Chamber, Omnisphere offers quests with diverse rewards, ranging from sapphires to Asura points and other items, completing quests unlock new challenges and opportunities for progression.

Easy-to-use control system

The control system in Otherworld Legends offers a versatile and intuitive interface designed to enhance the gameplay experience. Movement stick, customizable for locked or dynamic movement, with options for all-directional or 8-directional control, facilitates smooth navigation. The attack button enables easy execution of default attacks, seamlessly transitioning to interact buttons near items. A roll button allows evasive maneuvers with temporary invincibility, offering multi-directional rolls for strategic positioning. Skill buttons provide quick access to primary and secondary skills for diverse combat strategies. Efficient management of health potions is enabled through a health potion storage button, with stored bottles providing healing over time. The fabled article activation button grants access to stored items, rewarding exploration and resource acquisition. Lastly, an emote wheel button facilitates non-verbal communication with a variety of emotes, fostering social interaction in multiplayer mode.


Otherworld Legends stands as a dynamic and captivating action RPG game that immerses players in a thrilling world of fantasy and adventure. With its diverse roster of over 20 heroes, players can delve into epic battles against formidable enemies while exploring intricate game mechanics and leveling up their characters. The game offers a plethora of game modes, including Unlimited Modes, Multiplayer, and Omnisphere quests, providing endless opportunities for excitement and challenge. From mastering combat skills to unlocking new features and engaging in multiplayer battles, Otherworld Legends offers a rich and immersive gaming experience that captivates players of all preferences and playstyles. With its engaging gameplay, vibrant visuals, and constant updates introducing new content, Otherworld Legends stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of action RPG games in the mobile gaming landscape.



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