by APKLITE, Wednesday, 29 March 2023 (1 year ago)

In the blog today, APKLITE would like to mention 3 mistakes that lead to gamers’ failure when fighting with opponents at close range. There are the followings:

1. The player stands too close to the wall or cover place/object in front, and the range is limited

When you are too close to the wall, you are forced to actively shoot first and advance out of hiding; as a result, your first bullets will always fire against the wall or miss their intended target, which is the enemy.

Solution: Players should take a step backward from wherever you are hiding or whatever you are using for protection in order to ensure that your line of sight is not blocked. In addition to that, if you find yourself in a situation like this, this game offers a very helpful option, which is the ability to activate Blocked Sight Warning. You’ll need to go into your game’s settings to activate it.

2. Move fast jiggle or move straight to the right

The more you sway, the less stable your projectile will be, and the more likely you are to overshoot your target. In addition, if you sway in one place, it indicates that you barely move. The enemy will have a much simpler time predicting your moves and shoot you down as a result. If you move directly to the right, the projectile will become a little bit more stable. However, when encountering experienced opponents, they will guess your movement and easily knock you out just as quickly when you sway. In addition, your movement will be slow as you move out of hiding while shooting.


  • Don’t do the pre-shoot. Instead, players should drag the cursor at an angle of 20 degrees and rush out of hiding. You will have a lot of space, and speed to move to avoid enemy bullets that way. It will also give the opponent not enough time to guess your path. From here you can shoot.
  • You must always think that Headshot is better than movement.

When the opponent is rushing, you should rotate your camera to see the direction of the opponent’s movement. This helps you see the target better while in hiding.

Adjust the short focus of the gun slightly above the opponent’s head for a better headshot ratio. We’ve researched that if the enemy is far away, horizontal shooting will cause bullets to splash everywhere even if you lock your fire focus. Instead, you should open the scope and close it immediately while the target is slightly above the enemy’s head. At this point, your projectile will be more accurate. From there, you can increase the opponent’s headshot rate.

Note: When the opponent gets too close, you should not use this trick.

3. Players don’t take advantage of obstacles or cover objects during combat

Most players will immediately move out of cover and shoot continuously at horizontal range. However, this proves ineffective when the opponent easily guesses your direction of movement and shooting intention, thereby easily knocking you down even if you have more HP. Instead, you should take advantage of obstacles to deceive your opponent. How?


  • Move right and shoot the opponent then go back to cover.
  • Move left and shoot.
  • Wait and watch and move the reticle to the opponent’s head waiting for the opportunity to make a headshot with 1 shot down (Dropshot).
  • This method requires players to be fast and accurate. Besides, staying calm is essential.

If you often make these mistakes, let me know in the comments below. We will write more about tips for players to win more in PUBG MOBILE game.


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