The hyper-casual game – Trend or development?

by APKLITE, Monday, 27 March 2023 (1 year ago)
The hyper-casual game – Trend or development?

What is the hyper-casual game genre?

The hyper-casual game is a new game genre with a combination of hyper-simple gameplay, hyper-short duration, and hyper-interactive features. Besides, they are often minimalistic, without long introductions, or intense graphics. This is a new trend for players of GEN Z, who want something fast and convenient that they can play at any time. As said, the way for us to find a hyper-casual game is to look at three factors, including:

  • Hyper-simple gameplay: This is quite easy to see. Players can grasp the game idea, and gameplay in seconds without any guide support.
  • Hyper-short duration: what we are talking about is the time for a game screen. Most of the hypercasual games have a duration of fewer than 2 minutes. So players do not need to concern about the time for playing it.
  • Hyper-interactive feature: At this point, all the hyper-casual games have a good channel for players to compete with each other. They feature a leaderboard, ranking challenges, or chatting.

Thereby, we can easily see the hyper-casual games on the market.

How did the hyper-casual game develop?

The hyper-casual game appeared in 2017. However, it exploded in 2022. This was a year that showed us new ways to transform casual games into hyper-casual games. There are many types of the hyper-casual game genre like clicker games or idle arcades. Many games of other genres, like racing or adventure, also have hypercasual features. Besides, there are many popular game producers who are focusing on developing hypercasual games, which bring them great success. For example, Supersonic Studio, Saygames, Homa Games…

What is the future of Hyper-casual games in 2023?

Based on the successful year of 2022, the hyper-casual game will be expanding further. It is now the biggest trend of Gen Z players, who dominate 25% of the mobile gaming market. However, the need for gamers is increasing with the more complex and beautiful products. However, the key factors of the hyper-casual game will be primary. The developer Supersonic Studio said that the hyper-casual game would take over the concentration of the community in 2023. They would release new products along with a new platform for gamers to play hyper-casual games in 2023.

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