Top 5 New Free Simulation Games on Android

by APKLITE, Wednesday, 5 April 2023 (1 year ago)
Top 5 New Free Simulation Games on Android

Simulation games are products simulating real-life things or actions. Making a good game of this genre requires a developer a hard time studying and making. Today, APKLITE would like to bring you the Top 5 New Free Simulation Games on Android. Please see the detail below!

1. Gun Simulator & Lightsaber

Gun Simulator & Lightsaber

Gun Simulator & Lightsaber is a new simulation game from the manufacturer DINO Global LTD. It gives you all the gun modes you want to own. As a player with a sci-fi passion, the player can experience all the sci-fi gun effects and futuristic 3D lightsaber in sci-fi gun, shotgun, and lightsaber modes. In it, you will be amazed at the beautiful colors, various shocking sound effects, and vivid images. Especially, you can customize the background, adjust the color, turn on and off the flashlight and vibrate, change the weather conditions when shooting, and shake or tap to shoot to personalize your own gun sword with simulation Realistic 3D.

In addition, this game gives you access to a variety of ASMR gun sounds, as well as the opportunity to play pranks on your friends. Also, Gun Simulator & Lightsaber is capable of producing extremely realistic 3D lightsaber and gun effects, utilizing this program for the purposes of self-defense.

Key features:

  • Lightsaber & Shotgun sound effects app provides you with a rich collection of gun appearances and amazing gun sounds.
  • Experience unlimited sound effects of different types of machine guns or weapons, all very unique!
  • Realistic lightsaber with 1000+ awesome skins in epic, anime, and sci-fi styles.
  • Beautiful 3D graphic gun simulator with high-quality effects.
  • SINGLE Gun Simulator and AUTO Gunshots by shaking hands.
  • Unlimited lightsaber gun weapons & various weapon sounds with different shooting environments.

2. Minicraft Village

Minicraft Village

Minicraft Village is a great simulation game from RabbitStudio, an Android developer that has been active for about 2 months. They have only one game, MiniCraft Village, on Google Play.
The game is inspired by the hit role-playing game Minecraft. This game simulates the real world with amazing architecture, buildings, and maps, providing craftsmen with unlimited resources to build their own city.

When joining the construction world of Minicraft, players will feel everything simulated from the real world with high detail. You can freely adventure to explore tropical jungles, and deserts with seasonally changing climates, including rainstorms, growth of trees, rivers and mountains, and natural landscapes amazing. In addition, the game simulates many different architectures based on square blocks.

Moreover, players can also own their own lovely pets, interesting mini-games, and battle with the forces in this game. Having said that, it is no different from a miniature version of the Minecraft game, but still very full of details and activities for players to experience.

Only launched 5 days ago, but this game has owned more than 1 million downloads on Google Play. Download and experience the 3D cube world right now!

3. Shot Sound: Real Gun Simulator

Shot Sound Real Gun Simulator

Similar to the 1st place – Gun Simulator & Lightsaber, the 2nd position belongs to the game Shot Sound: Real Gun Simulator. We can say this is a game or a gun simulator. Rather, it will be a game to entertain you every day. Users can experience the world’s weapons and guns through their phones.

Key features:

  • Realistic gun sounds
  • While shooting, the phone will vibrate and flash to make your experience more realistic.
  • All gun sound effects are available to prank your friends.
  • Four shooting modes: Single shot, continuous mode, automatic and shake mode
  • The game provides the gun history for you to know more about it.
  • Absolutely safe for anyone.

4. ASMR Spa: Face & Body Makeover

ASMR Spa Face & Body Makeover

ASMR Spa: Face & Body Makeover is a great simulation game from the developer DINO Global LTD, a specializing developer of simulation games and applications. If you are passionate about acne removal, ear & belly treatments, makeup and make-up, or want to own a spa center, ASMR Spa: Face & Body Makeup is definitely for you. In the game, you will welcome customers who come to your salon with a big need for makeup and treatment. At this point, your task is to help them solve the problems of acne, dirty ears, blackheads, sebum in the ears, navel, dandruff and get rid of head lice. Besides, there are also a lot of patients who get injured due to all kinds of foot & nail problems like painful infections, fractures, wounds, germs and various scratches that need urgent surgery. You will give them a cure without touching them. Instead, players can choose from thousands of fashionable clothes, gorgeous nail styles, eye-catching makeup and chic interior designs to give everyone the makeover they want.

Key features:

  • Relaxing ASMR sound effects.
  • Makeover, makeup, ear, navel, head, nail & pedicure games help relieve stress.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Tons of realistic beauty tools for makeup.
  • Many kinds of cosmetics for you to make up.
  • Complete all makeup and makeup steps with one finger.

5. Garden Joy

Garden Joy

With a very high review rate, almost absolute, Garden Joy deserves to be a promising new simulation game on Android. Garden Joy gives players all the garden designs of their dreams. Players will have the opportunity to experience many styles of garden architecture and learn about plants, the seasons and their characteristics, and horticulture. You will definitely have a relaxing time with this game. Especially, when you design a multi-style garden.

Besides, the high interactivity of this game is also an attraction for players. When you have any design, other players can comment on it for you through voting and other communication channels. You can also do the same with their constructions. The designs of these players that get high votes will receive interesting rewards that help develop their gardens such as Coins, Diamonds, and many other items.

Currently, with over 50k downloads on Google Play after a very short release time, Garden Joy is a competitor with any game in the same genre. Download and experience it now!

APKLITE has just given readers an overview of the Top 5 New Free Simulation Games on Android. If you have any ideas about this topic, do not hesitate to leave a comment on this article. Thanks and have fun!


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