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Download Unpacking APK to enjoy its award-winning zen gameplay, heartfelt narrative revealed through belongings, soothing soundtrack by Jeff van Dyck, and seamless, tactile mobile experience.

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Name Unpacking
Publisher Humble Games
Genre Casual
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Version 1.02
Update May 22, 2024
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Unpacking is the most famous version in the Unpacking series of publisher Humble Games
Mod Version 1.02
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Unpacking APK is a BAFTA Award-winning zen game that transforms the familiar task of moving into an engaging and meditative experience. Blending elements of block-fitting puzzles and home decoration, Unpacking invites players to meticulously arrange possessions across eight different house moves, each revealing intimate clues about an unseen character’s life. Without the pressure of timers or scores, this game offers a relaxing pace perfect for unwinding. Its seamless mobile adaptation, complete with touch controls and a soothing soundtrack by Jeff van Dyck, makes Unpacking a unique and calming escape into the essence of home.

A tranquil journey to set up all kinds of stuff into the room

Unpacking transforms the ordinary task of arranging belongings into a tranquil and fulfilling journey. Each level presents a new room or house, challenging players to thoughtfully place a variety of items, from books and clothes to cherished keepsakes and everyday essentials. This process is more than just organization; it’s a meditative experience that encourages mindfulness and creativity. Players can take their time to find the perfect spot for each item, creating a harmonious and personalized living space. The soothing gameplay, free from the pressures of timers or scores, allows players to immerse themselves fully in the serene act of setting up a home, making Unpacking a delightful escape into peaceful domesticity.

Immersive and meditative gameplay

One of Unpacking’s most enchanting qualities is its meditative gameplay. Free from the constraints of timers, meters, or scores, players can immerse themselves fully in the experience, savoring every moment as they meticulously arrange items and explore the nooks and crannies of each environment. Whether you prefer to unwind after a long day or seek solace during a hectic commute, Unpacking offers a sanctuary where time slows down, and stress fades away.

Unveiling stories through objects

As players unpack and arrange items, they gradually unravel the poignant narrative woven into the fabric of each move. Every object tells a story, offering glimpses into the life of a character whose presence is felt through her belongings. From cherished mementos to everyday essentials, the items left behind or brought along speak volumes, fostering a sense of connection and empathy with the unseen protagonist.

Seamless mobile experience

Unpacking has been meticulously optimized for mobile devices, seamlessly blending touch controls with immersive haptic feedback. With just a swipe of a finger, players can effortlessly arrange items, feeling the satisfying tactile response with each placement. Moreover, the game’s intuitive design allows for easy sharing of snapshots and videos on social media, inviting players to showcase their personalized creations with the world.

Award-winning soundtrack

Elevating the experience further is the enchanting soundtrack composed by the renowned Jeff van Dyck, a BAFTA award-winning composer and audio director. Each melodic note enhances the atmosphere, enriching the journey with depth and emotion, and earning Unpacking further accolades for its exceptional audio design.


In a fast-paced world filled with noise and distractions, Unpacking stands as a beacon of tranquility and introspection. Through its elegantly simple mechanics and heartfelt storytelling, it invites players to embark on a poignant journey of self-discovery and empathy. As you unpack each box and weave together the threads of a character’s life, you’ll find yourself not only creating a home but also forging a profound connection with the unseen protagonist. Unpacking is more than just a game; it’s a testament to the beauty found in the quiet moments of everyday life. So, embark on this enchanting journey, and let the gentle rhythm of unpacking guide you home.



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Unpacking APK v1.02 [Full Game]

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