Countryballs - Zombie Attack

Countryballs - Zombie Attack

v0.5.0 by Bravestars Games

Countryballs - Zombie Attack stands out with its innovative blend of strategic depth, adorable countryball characters, and endless playtime, offering a uniquely engaging post-apocalyptic survival expe

Android Android 5.0Puzzle
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Name Countryballs - Zombie Attack
Publisher Bravestars Games
Genre Puzzle
Size 128.95M
Version 0.5.0
Update March 6, 2024
MOD Free Purchase
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Countryballs - Zombie Attack is the most famous version in the Countryballs - Zombie Attack series of publisher Bravestars Games
Mod Version 0.5.0
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Countryballs – Zombie Attack is a captivating mobile game that transports players into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by relentless zombie hordes. As a leader representing a chosen country, players strategically navigate the perilous landscape, forging alliances with nations globally and building powerful armies. The game’s innovative mechanics allow players to merge and upgrade their adorable countryball warriors, introducing a dynamic element to traditional strategy gameplay. With unlimited playtime, challenging battles, exclusive countryball characters, and engaging soundtracks, the game offers an accessible yet strategically deep experience. “Countryballs – Zombie Attack” is a must-play for those seeking a unique blend of strategy, resource management, and thrilling post-apocalyptic survival. In this article, we provide you with the MOD APK version of the game for free. Join us to find it out right now!

Exciting and adaptable gameplay

Countryballs – Zombie Attack excels in delivering an exciting and adaptable gaming experience. The ever-present threat of the zombie hordes keeps players on their toes, forcing them to adapt their strategies and make quick decisions, ensuring a consistently thrilling and unpredictable gaming session. We can see it at some points below:

  • Intensive strategic and accessibility: The game strikes a perfect balance between strategic depth and accessibility, making it appealing to a broad audience. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a casual gamer, the intuitive gameplay allows for easy engagement while offering layers of strategic decision-making.
  • Unique countryball characters: One of the standout features is the inclusion of adorable Countryball characters. These characters not only add a charming aesthetic to the game but also bring unique attributes and abilities to the strategic mix. The ability to choose your favorite countryball adds a personal touch, fostering a connection between players and their in-game avatars. Besides, the inclusion of different countryball characters with unique abilities enhances the gameplay variety. The ability to choose your favorite countryball not only adds a personal touch but also allows for diverse strategic approaches. The game encourages experimentation, as players explore the strengths and weaknesses of each unit, leading to a more engaging and dynamic experience.
  • Innovative merge and upgrade mechanics: The merge and upgrade mechanics in Countryballs – Zombie Attack provide a refreshing twist to the conventional strategy game formula. The ability to merge units and upgrade warriors adds a dynamic element to the gameplay, encouraging players to think strategically about unit placement and evolution.
  • Endless playtime and varied challenges: The inclusion of unlimited playtime ensures that players can dive into the game for extended periods, exploring the evolving challenges of a world overrun by zombies. The variety of challenging battles keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, preventing monotony and encouraging players to continuously hone their strategic skills.
  • Exclusive countryball unlockable: The introduction of new and exclusive countryballs serves as a delightful incentive for players to progress in the game. Unlocking these characters not only adds to the gameplay variety but also rewards players with fresh strategic possibilities, keeping the experience dynamic and engaging.

User-friendly interface

The game maintains a user-friendly interface, ensuring that both casual and experienced gamers can easily navigate and enjoy the gameplay. The drag-and-merge mechanics are intuitive, and the clear instructions make it accessible for players to grasp the core concepts, promoting a positive gaming experience.

Immersive soundtracks

The game’s engaging soundtracks enhance the overall immersive experience. The carefully crafted music complements the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, drawing players deeper into the game world and heightening the emotional impact of battles and strategic decisions.


Countryballs – Zombie Attack is a standout title that not only captivates players with its adorable characters and post-apocalyptic setting but also keeps them engaged with its innovative gameplay mechanics, strategic depth, and a host of exciting features. It’s a testament to the developers’ commitment to delivering a gaming experience that is both enjoyable and memorable. Dive into the world of Countryballs and experience the thrill of saving humanity from the zombie apocalypse! Readers can download the MOD APK file of the game at the link below. Having fun!



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A, How to install?
  1. Download the “.apk” file from APKLITE
  2. Open the downloaded “.apk” file.
  3. In the box that appears, select “Install”.
  4. If asked to activate an unknown source, agree.
B, To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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