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DYSMANTLE stands out by allowing players to creatively dismantle objects, shaping a post-apocalyptic world filled with intense combat, mysteries, and immersive visuals.

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Update February 16, 2024
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DYSMANTLE is the most famous version in the DYSMANTLE series of publisher 10tons Ltd
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DYSMANTLE is a post-apocalyptic survival and exploration game developed by 10tons Ltd. In the game, players emerge from a long period of isolation into a world that has been transformed by a catastrophic event. The once-thriving civilization has crumbled, leaving behind a landscape inhabited by nasty and vile creatures. The game features a unique and distinctive mechanic that allows players to dismantle almost any object in the game world for materials, providing them with the freedom to shape their environment creatively. Besides all the information that makes the game more stand out, we provide you with the MOD APK file with all Paid Features Unlocked. Join us to find out more about this interesting game right now!

Crafting a new world through object dismantling

The most intriguing and distinctive feature of DYSMANTLE lies in its revolutionary emphasis on player agency—the freedom to dismantle almost any object in the game world for materials. This groundbreaking mechanic not only sets the game apart but also serves as the cornerstone of its immersive experience. With the ability to break down over 99% of all objects using the right tools, players are granted unparalleled creative control over their environment. This dynamic element not only transforms the remnants of the old world into valuable resources but also encourages a strategic and adaptive approach to survival. DYSMANTLE’s commitment to empowering players through environmental interaction fosters a unique sense of agency, making the act of dismantling an exhilarating and captivating feature that defines the essence of the game.

Combat and survival

The game introduces players to a world inhabited by nasty and vile creatures, setting the stage for intense combat encounters. Players must choose whether to face these adversaries head-on or opt for the more strategic path of evasion. Survival is not just about defeating enemies; it involves clearing areas of monsters and claiming territory as your own, establishing a foothold in a hostile landscape.

Stunning graphics

DYSMANTLE boasts a visually captivating experience, blending detailed environments with atmospheric lighting to immerse players in its post-apocalyptic world. The game’s graphics feature a creative and stylized art design, striking a balance between realism and a unique aesthetic. Expect to traverse desolate landscapes, explore the remnants of the old world, and encounter a diverse array of creatures, each contributing to the immersive atmosphere. The graphics likely showcase a mix of urban ruins and overgrown wilderness, reflecting the transformative aftermath of a catastrophic event. While the specifics may vary, the game’s visual design is anticipated to play a crucial role in enhancing the overall player experience, bringing the desolate beauty and challenges of the post-apocalyptic setting to life.

Establishing presence in a hostile landscape

Survival in DYSMANTLE goes beyond combat and exploration. Players are tasked with building outposts to establish their presence, turning cleared areas into safe havens. The combination of crafting and building creates a dynamic loop, allowing players to shape the world around them and adapt to the challenges of the post-apocalyptic era.

Adapting to a new ecosystem

The game introduces a unique dimension by allowing players to interact with wildlife, whether by hunting various animals or taming them for a post-apocalyptic zoo ranch. Alongside this, farming nutritious plants becomes a key aspect of sustainable living, reinforcing the need for resource management and adaptation.

Adding depth to the adventure

Beneath the watery surface lies a new realm of challenges and rewards. Players can fish cunning scaly creatures, adding a dynamic element to the gameplay and further expanding the scope of exploration in DYSMANTLE.

The art of cooking for survival

Survival isn’t just about combat and resource gathering; it involves culinary skills. Players can cook delicious recipes for permanent stat and ability upgrades, adding a flavorful layer to the post-apocalyptic experience.


DYSMANTLE stands as a testament to the potential for innovation and creativity in the gaming industry. By seamlessly blending dismantling, crafting, combat, exploration, building, wildlife interaction, underwater exploration, and culinary aspects, the game offers players a comprehensive and engaging post-apocalyptic playground where every action shapes their journey. As players unravel the mysteries of the strange island, they are not only surviving but also creating their own narrative in a world reborn from the ashes of the old. Readers can download the game’s MOD APK file at the link below. Having fun!



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