Extra Volume Booster Equalizer

Extra Volume Booster Equalizer

v5.6.7 by Magic Mobile Studio

Extra Volume Booster Equalizer revolutionizes audio on Android devices with its immersive sound enhancement features.

Android Android 5.0Music & Audio
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Name Extra Volume Booster Equalizer
Publisher Magic Mobile Studio
Genre Music & Audio
Size 22.49 MB
Version 5.6.7
Update April 19, 2024
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Extra Volume Booster Equalizer is the most famous version in the Extra Volume Booster Equalizer series of publisher Magic Mobile Studio
Mod Version 5.6.7
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Extra Volume Booster Equalizer is a comprehensive sound quality enhancer for Android devices. It offers a range of features aimed at significantly improving the quality and intensity of audio output. The app includes a dedicated speaker booster to amplify volume levels, ensuring that every sound, from beats to dialogue, is delivered with exceptional clarity and intensity. Additionally, Extra Volume Booster Equalizer provides users with a customizable music equalizer, allowing them to tailor sound levels and frequencies to their exact preferences. This empowers users to sculpt the perfect audio profile, enhancing the richness and depth of every note. Moreover, users can download Extra Volume Booster Equalizer Mod APK for free in this article.

Boosting volume output

In Extra Volume Booster Equalizer Mod APK, The feature of boosting volume output serves as a pivotal tool in transforming the audio experience for users. By harnessing a dedicated speaker booster, it not only amplifies volume levels but also introduces users to an immersive auditory realm where every sound is brought to life with unparalleled clarity and intensity. From the subtle nuances of a melody to the thunderous beats of a track, every aspect of the audio is heightened to deliver a truly captivating experience. This enhancement extends across a myriad of media formats including music, videos, and games, ensuring that users are enveloped in a dynamic auditory landscape that keeps them fully engaged and enthralled.

Completely control over sound levels and frequencies

This feature provides users with unparalleled control over their audio experience, empowering them to finely adjust sound levels and frequencies to suit their individual tastes and preferences. With precise controls for both treble and bass, users can sculpt the audio profile to their exact liking, ensuring that every note resonates with richness and depth. Whether they prefer crisp highs or thunderous lows, the app’s music equalizer offers a comprehensive toolkit for tailoring the sound to perfection. Moreover, this level of control highlights the app’s versatility, as it caters to a diverse range of audio preferences and genres, from delicate vocals to bass-heavy tracks. By offering users the freedom to customize their audio experience with such precision, the app opens up endless possibilities for personalization, ensuring that every listening session is a truly immersive and satisfying journey.

Immersive surround sound

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Extra Volume Booster Equalizer introduces users to the world of stereo surround sound effects and a mesmerizing 3D virtualizer. By creating a multidimensional audio landscape, this app transports listeners into the heart of the music, where every sound is felt as much as it is heard. Whether you’re using headphones, external speakers, or Bluetooth devices, prepare to be swept away by an audio experience like never before.

Pushing the limits

What truly sets Extra Volume Booster Equalizer apart is its ability to push the boundaries of volume. With the capacity to boost volume levels by up to a staggering 200%, users can now crank up the intensity and unleash the full potential of their audio playback. Whether you’re hosting a party, enjoying a movie night with friends, or simply immersing yourself in your favorite tunes, rest assured that this app will deliver an audio experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Simplicity meets sophistication

Despite its myriad of features, Extra Volume Booster Equalizer maintains a refreshingly simple and intuitive interface. Navigating through its sleek design is a breeze, ensuring that users of all technical backgrounds can effortlessly harness its power. From the moment you open the app, you’re greeted with a seamless user experience that prioritizes ease of use without compromising on functionality.

Accessible to all

And perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Extra Volume Booster Equalizer is its accessibility. Unlike other audio enhancement apps that require root access, this app can be installed and enjoyed by anyone with an Android device. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or a casual listener, the transformative capabilities of this app are within reach for all.


In a world where audio excellence reigns supreme, Extra Volume Booster Equalizer emerges as a true game-changer. With its unrivaled features, customizable controls, and effortless usability, this app has set a new standard for audio enhancement on Android devices. So why settle for mediocre sound when you can elevate your audio experience to extraordinary heights? Download Extra Volume Booster Equalizer today and embark on a journey into the realm of sonic bliss. Your ears will thank you.



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Extra Volume Booster Equalizer Mod APK v5.6.7 [Pro Unlocked]

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You are now ready to download Extra Volume Booster Equalizer for free. Here are some notes:

A, How to install?
  1. Download the “.apk” file from APKLITE
  2. Open the downloaded “.apk” file.
  3. In the box that appears, select “Install”.
  4. If asked to activate an unknown source, agree.
B, To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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