Photoleap: Photo Editor/AI Art

Photoleap: Photo Editor/AI Art

v1.57.1 by Lightricks Ltd.

Photoleap stands out with its revolutionary AI Uncrop feature, transforming photo editing by seamlessly extending backgrounds and unlocking infinite creative possibilities.

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Name Photoleap: Photo Editor/AI Art
Publisher Lightricks Ltd.
Genre Art & Design
Size 269.98M
Version 1.57.1
Update June 19, 2024
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Photoleap: Photo Editor/AI Art is the most famous version in the Photoleap: Photo Editor/AI Art series of publisher Lightricks Ltd.
Mod Version 1.57.1
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Photoleap is an advanced AI-powered art app developed by Lightricks, renowned creators of award-winning applications such as Videoleap and Facetune. Positioned as a comprehensive all-in-one tool, Photoleap stands out in the competitive landscape of photo editing applications by offering a diverse range of powerful features designed to elevate digital art creation and photo editing to new heights. At its core, Photoleap is a multifaceted platform that empowers users to unleash their creativity through an array of innovative tools. The app combines traditional photo editing capabilities with cutting-edge AI features, providing users with the means to enhance, transform, and animate their images in ways that were previously unimaginable. Moreover, apklite provides you with the MOD APK version of the app with PRO Features Unlocked for free. Find out the app’s highlights and MOD APK file in this article right now!

AI Uncrop – redefining boundaries

Traditional cropping tools limit users to a fixed frame, often resulting in the permanent removal of parts of an image. Photoleap’s AI Uncrop changes this paradigm entirely. This groundbreaking feature enables users to extend photo backgrounds seamlessly with a simple tap, breaking free from the constraints of traditional cropping.

  • Infinite Possibilities: Unlike conventional cropping, AI Uncrop allows users to extend photo backgrounds indefinitely. This opens up a world of creative possibilities, enabling users to envision and realize compositions that were previously deemed impossible.
  • Preservation of Details: AI Uncrop intelligently analyzes the content of an image and utilizes advanced algorithms to fill in missing details seamlessly. This ensures that users can expand their photos without compromising on image quality or losing important elements.
  • Enhanced Storytelling: Whether it’s adding a scenic backdrop to a portrait or extending the canvas for artistic purposes, AI Uncrop enhances the storytelling aspect of visual content creation. It empowers users to convey narratives in a more expansive and immersive manner.
  • Ideal for Social Media and Design: In the era of social media and graphic design, having the ability to create clean packshots or captivating visuals with extended backgrounds is a game-changer. AI Uncrop facilitates the effortless removal and replacement of backgrounds, catering to the diverse needs of content creators.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Despite the complexity of the underlying technology, Photoleap ensures that AI Uncrop remains accessible to users of all skill levels. The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to tap into the power of extending photo backgrounds with a few simple gestures.

Powerful AI image generator and effects

At the core of Photoleap’s innovation lies its formidable AI image generator. This feature allows users to start with a blank canvas and witness their imaginative visions come to life instantly. Whether you are creating abstract masterpieces or crafting AI avatars, the possibilities are as vast as your creativity.

AI portrait and yearbook features

Stand out from the crowd with AI Portrait, a feature that effortlessly transforms your selfies into professional-looking business photos, giving you that picture-perfect edge in seconds. The AI Yearbook feature provides a unique and entertaining way to visually track your evolution over the decades, adding a nostalgic touch to your digital journey.

Enhance your pictures

Revitalize aging snapshots with precision using Photoleap’s picture retouching and instant photo effects. The advanced editing tools embedded within the app can seamlessly sharpen pixelated or blurred pictures, transforming them into high-definition masterpieces with just a few taps.

Photo animator

Bring static images to life with the Photo Animator feature. Craft 3D photos and infuse captivating motion effects to turn your still images into dynamic, animated artworks. Explore a realm where your visuals transcend traditional boundaries, captivating your audience with immersive storytelling.

AI art generator and avatars

Photoleap empowers users to turn ordinary selfies into unique works of art through its AI art generator. Create personalized AI avatars and employ the text-to-image AI generator to breathe life into your images through various art styles. The advanced neural networks embedded within the app facilitate the exploration of abstract and deep dream AI paintings effortlessly.

Background replacement and photo effects

Experiment with your creative flair using Photoleap’s background replacement feature. Easily add stunning backdrops to your photos or meticulously remove unwanted elements with the background eraser. Fine-tune your creations with a myriad of photo effects, ensuring your backdrops are not just complementary but integral to your visual narrative.

Seamless integration with Lightricks suite

Photoleap seamlessly integrates into the illustrious Lightricks suite of apps, standing alongside Videoleap, Facetune, Lightleap, Boosted, and Motionleap. This interconnected ecosystem provides users with a comprehensive array of video and image editing solutions, ensuring a holistic and cohesive creative experience.



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