Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble

v4.19.0 by Blizzard Entertainment

Warcraft Rumble stands out as a mobile action strategy game that brilliantly fuses the beloved Warcraft universe with unprecedented control over collectible Minis, offering players an immersive and vi

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Name Warcraft Rumble
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Genre Strategy
Size 213.05M
Version 4.19.0
Update February 13, 2024
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Warcraft Rumble is the most famous version in the Warcraft Rumble series of publisher Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Mod Version 4.19.0
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Warcraft Rumble is a mobile action strategy game that brings the Warcraft universe to life. Players control Warcraft Minis, leading legendary characters in epic battles on their mobile screens. The game features a vast single-player campaign with battles against bosses and iconic Warcraft figures. With over 60 collectible Minis, players can build diverse armies and engage in fast-paced, strategic action. Warcraft Rumble seamlessly combines nostalgia with cutting-edge visuals, providing an immersive experience for both Warcraft fans and new players. Join us to find it out right now!

A touchscreen odyssey

The allure of Warcraft Rumble lies in the unprecedented control players wield over an army of Warcraft Minis, bringing legendary characters to life with unprecedented fidelity on mobile screens. The colossal single-player campaign beckons, throwing players into the heart of battles against formidable bosses and iconic characters from the sprawling Warcraft universe. Immerse yourself in the familiar territories of the Alliance and the rugged landscapes of the Horde, as Warcraft Rumble seamlessly blends nostalgia with cutting-edge mobile gaming visuals.

Over 60 warcraft minis and characters

A pivotal aspect of Warcraft Rumble is the art of collection elevated to a strategic core. With a jaw-dropping array of over 60 Warcraft Minis and characters, players can curate armies within five playable families: Alliance, Horde, Beast, Undead, and Blackrock. This expansive roster serves as a testament to the game’s commitment to providing players with a canvas on which to paint their strategic masterpieces. Progression is not merely a journey but an ascent, with each level unlocking new skills and upgrades, transforming Minis into formidable forces that demand reckoning.

The dance of fast-paced, moment-to-moment action

Warcraft Rumble stands out with its choreography of fast-paced, moment-to-moment strategic action. Each Mini and hero you deploy becomes a puppet master’s tool, weaving a narrative of triumph or defeat across dynamic battlefields. Unleash the might of powerful spells like Blizzard and Chain Lightning, turning the tide of battle with awe-inspiring effects. The game challenges players to exploit enemy weaknesses, whether deploying ranged units against aerial threats or using magic to dismantle infantry. In this symphony of chaos, every decision shapes the destiny of the battlefield.

Unique powers, limitless strategies

Diversity reigns supreme as Warcraft Rumble bestows each Mini with unique powers, offering players the freedom to craft teams tailored for any adversary. The strategic depth is boundless, ensuring no two battles are alike. Mastery of the intricacies of each Mini’s abilities becomes paramount, adding a layer of complexity that elevates the game from a casual pastime to a strategic battleground where wits and tactics prevail.


Warcraft Rumble is a magnum opus, a celebration of the Warcraft universe reimagined for the touchscreen generation. With its unparalleled graphics, extensive roster of characters, and strategic depth, this game promises to captivate the hearts of both die-hard fans and newcomers alike. Brace yourself for the ultimate clash of Minis and heroes as Warcraft Rumble ascends to its rightful place in the pantheon of mobile action strategy gaming. Welcome to a new era where chaos meets strategy, and victory is a symphony waiting to be composed in the palm of your hand. Readers can download the game’s APK file at the link below.



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