Wizard's Wheel 2: Idle RPG

Wizard's Wheel 2: Idle RPG

v0.15.8 by Winding Clock Games

Wizard's Wheel 2 stands out as an enchanting Idle RPG that seamlessly blends traditional charm with innovative features, offering players a customizable adventure filled with strategic depth, diverse

Android Android 5.0Role Playing
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Name Wizard's Wheel 2: Idle RPG
Publisher Winding Clock Games
Genre Role Playing
Size 57.23M
Version 0.15.8
Update May 30, 2024
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Wizard's Wheel 2: Idle RPG is the most famous version in the Wizard's Wheel 2: Idle RPG series of publisher Winding Clock Games
Mod Version 0.15.8
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  • God Mode
  • High Damage

Wizard’s Wheel 2 is an innovative Idle RPG. In the game, players guide their heroes through dungeons, battling monsters, and levelling up skills with a tap. The game features over 70 hero classes, strategic elements like Time Warp, and dimensional prestige for additional content. Its unique idle mechanics allow progress even offline. The inclusion of a solitaire mini-game and offline play enhances gameplay depth. Notably, there’s a MOD APK version with Damage Multiplier and God Mode, offering players a customized and enhanced experience. Overall, Wizard’s Wheel 2 seamlessly blends traditional RPG charm with modern elements, providing an enchanting and accessible adventure. Join us to find it out right now!

What does Wizard’s Wheel 2 MOD APK benefit gamers?

The MOD APK version of Wizard’s Wheel 2: Idle RPG introduces a gaming experience that transcends the conventional, offering players a heightened sense of control and empowerment. The inclusion of a Damage Multiplier not only intensifies the thrill of battles but also accelerates progression, allowing players to overcome challenges with unprecedented ease. The implementation of God Mode elevates the gameplay by providing an invincible status, offering a unique perspective on exploration and combat. Moreover, the gold, gem, and exp cheats redefine in-game economics, granting players the resources needed to unlock and enhance various elements swiftly. These key features collectively enhance the overall enjoyment of the game, offering a customized and exhilarating adventure for those seeking a different dimension to their Wizard’s Wheel 2 experience.

Great blend of Idle gameplay and RPG adventures

At this point, seamlessly blending idle gameplay mechanics with the excitement of RPG adventures, the game allows players to progress and level up their heroes even when offline, catering to a diverse audience with varying playtime availability. This accessibility makes Wizard’s Wheel 2 appealing to both casual and dedicated gamers alike. The inclusion of the Time Warp feature adds a strategic layer to the idle experience, providing players with the option to reset, gain powerful upgrades, and dive back into the adventure with a refreshed perspective. The combination of idle progression and strategic engagement creates a dynamic and satisfying gaming loop, making Wizard’s Wheel 2 a compelling and inclusive gaming experience that captivates a broad player base.

Other key features

  • Dynamic dungeon exploration: The game introduces a captivating dungeon exploration system, where players use the Wizard Wheel tap powers to hunt for loot. Each pixel dungeon is teeming with hundreds of monsters, presenting a challenging yet rewarding environment for players to navigate.
  • Diverse hero collection: One of the most attractive features of Wizard’s Wheel 2 is the vast array of idle heroes waiting to be discovered. With over 70 hero classes to choose from, players can customize their party, unlocking upgraded versions of each hero for a more powerful and diverse lineup.
  • Idle action and time warp: The game cleverly incorporates the idle gaming concept by allowing heroes to level up even when players are offline. The Time Warp feature adds a strategic element, enabling players to reset, gain powerful upgrades, and dive back into the adventure. This ensures a seamless gaming experience, even for those with limited playtime.
  • Dimensional prestige and progression: Wizard’s Wheel 2 goes beyond the traditional RPG by introducing dimensional prestige. Players can unlock additional items, heroes, and content by progressing through new dimensions, adding layers of depth and excitement to the gameplay.
  • Engaging combat mini-game: The inclusion of a solitaire mini-game within the combat system adds a delightful twist. Players can collect and improve the ranks of their game cards, achieving bonuses that translate into prizes and additional loot for their dungeon runs.
  • Offline play and wilderness exploration: The game acknowledges the diverse gaming habits of players by allowing offline play. Whether you’re battling giant bosses, traversing the wilderness, or exploring dungeons, Wizard’s Wheel 2 ensures that the adventure continues, even when you’re not actively tapping.
  • Retro RPG charm: For lovers of retro RPGs, Wizard’s Wheel 2 is a nostalgic journey. The game captures the essence of classic RPGs while infusing modern elements, creating an irresistible blend of old and new.


Wizard’s Wheel 2 emerges as a frontrunner in the world of idle RPGs, offering a captivating and enchanting experience for players. From its innovative mechanics to diverse hero collection and engaging mini games, the game sets a new standard for the genre. Whether you’re a fan of offline play, strategic time warping, or the charm of retro RPGs, Wizard’s Wheel 2 has something magical in store for everyone. Readers can download the game’s MOD APK version for fee at the link below and embark on an epic adventure, spin the Wizard’s Wheel, and let the enchantment unfold. Having fun!



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