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App Cloner

v2.17.16 by AppListo

App Cloner empowers users to effortlessly create independent clones of their favourite apps, offering unparalleled customization and flexibility.

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Name App Cloner
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Version 2.17.16
Update July 04, 2024
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App Cloner is the most famous version in the App Cloner series of publisher AppListo
Mod Version 2.17.16
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  • License Key: '@Javacode002'
  • Note: This Not Supports Android 12 and up

App Cloner is an innovative application designed to revolutionize the way users interact with their favourite mobile apps. At its core, App Cloner allows users to create independent and standalone clones of existing apps, providing a seamless and isolated user experience. Unlike traditional cloning tools, App Cloner ensures that each clone operates autonomously, with its own data, settings, and functionalities. This groundbreaking feature enables users to run multiple instances of apps simultaneously, without worrying about conflicts or compatibility issues. With a comprehensive set of customization options, including the ability to modify names, icons, permissions, and behaviours, App Cloner empowers users to tailor their app experience to their specific needs. Additionally, the premium version offers advanced features such as cloning premium apps, batch cloning, and enhanced privacy options. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast managing multiple accounts or a power user seeking to optimize workflows, App Cloner provides a flexible and versatile solution for managing your apps with ease. In this article, we bring you App Cloner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for more advanced features in this article.

Truly independent clones

At the core of App Cloner lies its most pivotal feature: the ability to create truly independent and standalone app clones. This innovative functionality sets App Cloner apart from its counterparts, offering users a solution that transcends mere duplication. With App Cloner, users can generate separate instances of their favourite apps, each operating autonomously with its own data, settings, and functionalities. This feature addresses the essential need for flexibility and versatility in managing multiple app instances, allowing users to seamlessly run cloned apps alongside their originals without fear of conflicts or compatibility issues. Whether it’s maintaining distinct accounts, experimenting with different versions of an app, or optimizing workflows, the power to create independent clones empowers users to tailor their app experience to their specific requirements. App Cloner provides unparalleled customization and control, enabling users to make their apps truly their own. Whether you’re a casual user looking to streamline your digital life or a power user seeking maximum efficiency, the ability to create independent app clones with App Cloner is undeniably transformative.

Unleashing customization

One of the most exciting features of App Cloner is its extensive customization options. Users have the power to modify various aspects of their clones, from changing names and icons to tweaking permissions and behaviours. Want to run an app in incognito mode or restrict it to Wi-Fi only? App Cloner makes it possible. With over 100 customization options available, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Clone the premium apps

While the free version of App Cloner provides essential cloning capabilities, the premium version unlocks a wealth of additional features. Clone premium apps like Messenger and Snapchat, create multiple clones simultaneously, and batch clone with ease. Customize your app display, enhance privacy with password protection and incognito mode, and enjoy advanced networking and automation options. The premium version truly takes app cloning to the next level.
However, the app cannot clone the apps below:

  • Most Google apps
  • BBM
  • Evernote
  • Grab
  • Kodi
  • OneDrive
  • Skype for Business
  • Trello
  • WeChat
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube

Empowering privacy

In an era where data privacy is paramount, App Cloner puts users in control of their digital footprint. With features like password protection, incognito mode, and the ability to spoof locations, users can safeguard their privacy while enjoying the convenience of multiple app instances. From hiding sensitive information to preventing screenshots, App Cloner offers comprehensive privacy options for the discerning user.


As our reliance on mobile applications continues to grow, tools like App Cloner become indispensable assets. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast juggling multiple accounts or a power user seeking to optimize your workflow, App Cloner offers a solution tailored to your needs. With its intuitive interface, robust feature set, and commitment to user privacy, App Cloner is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with our apps. Experience the future of app management today with App Cloner.



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