Boxing Gym Story

Boxing Gym Story

v1.3.5 by Kairosoft

Boxing Gym Story combines intense ringside action, strategic management, and customization, offering players an immersive experience in building their own boxing empire.

Android Android 5.0Sports Games
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Name Boxing Gym Story
Publisher Kairosoft
Genre Sports Games
Size 42.16M
Version 1.3.5
Update January 30, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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Boxing Gym Story is the most famous version in the Boxing Gym Story series of publisher Kairosoft
Mod Version 1.3.5
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Unlimited Money

Boxing Gym Story is a captivating management simulation game, immersing players into the dynamic world of boxing management. In the game, players assume the role of a determined gym manager tasked with revitalizing a struggling boxing gym and transforming it into a thriving hub of athletic excellence. Through strategic marketing efforts, players attract aspiring boxers to sign up for training, while also standing ringside during matches to cheer on their boxers and experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement firsthand. As victories accumulate and the gym’s reputation grows, players can unlock the ability to upgrade facilities with luxurious amenities, hire trainers to hone their boxers’ skills, and customize their gym to reflect their vision. With its compelling gameplay mechanics, vibrant graphics, and attention to detail, Boxing Gym Story offers players an unforgettable journey into the heart of boxing, where they can unleash their inner champion and build their empire in the exhilarating world of sports management. Besides, players can own unlimited money and points with our Boxing Gym Story MOD APK in our website for free.

Game-changer features in Boxing Gym Story MOD APK

In this article, APKLITE would like to provide you with the MOD APK version of the game with exclusive features of Unlimited Money and Points that help you get more benefits. Specifically:

  • Freedom of choice: With unlimited money and points, players are no longer constrained by financial limitations, allowing them to experiment freely with upgrades, facilities, and hiring options without the need to carefully manage resources. This enables players to focus more on strategic decision-making and creative customization, shaping their gym exactly as they envision it.
  • Accelerated progression: By removing the need to grind for resources, unlimited money and points expedite the progression through the game. Players can swiftly unlock upgrades, hire top-tier trainers, and train their boxers to peak performance, enabling them to reach higher levels of success and achievement at a faster pace.
  • Enhanced customization: Unlimited resources open up a wealth of customization possibilities, empowering players to personalize every aspect of their gym to perfection. From extravagant facilities to specialized training programs, players can tailor their gym to suit their preferences and optimize their chances of success in the boxing world.
  • Focus on enjoyment: With the burden of financial constraints lifted, players can fully immerse themselves in the enjoyment of the game without worrying about resource management or budget limitations. This allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable gameplay experience, where players can focus on the excitement of building their boxing empire and guiding their team to victory.

Ringside thrills

In the bustling world of Boxing Gym Story, one feature reigns supreme: the ringside drama during boxing matches. This immersive element thrusts players into the heart of the action, standing ringside as their boxers face off against formidable opponents. The palpable tension mounts with each punch thrown, keeping players on the edge of their seats until the final bell rings. This feature not only adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay but also underscores the unpredictable nature of boxing matches. It allows players to forge a deep connection with their boxers, cheering them on through every gruelling round and celebrating their victories with unbridled enthusiasm. The dynamic and unpredictable nature of matches ensures that no two bouts are ever the same, compelling players to strategize and adapt their tactics on the fly.

Other advanced features

  • Revitalize the gym: Take charge of a dilapidated boxing gym and breathe new life into its once-forgotten halls. Through strategic marketing efforts, attract aspiring boxers to sign up for training and reignite the community’s passion for the sport.
  • Upgrade facilities: As victories pile up and the gym’s reputation grows, unlock the ability to upgrade facilities with luxurious amenities such as spa baths and high-class cafeterias. These enhancements not only boost morale and performance but also attract top-tier athletes eager to train under your guidance.
  • Train and hone: Hire experienced trainers and meticulously craft your boxers’ skills, transforming them from raw talent into formidable contenders. With strategic decision-making and careful planning, cultivate a team of elite athletes capable of taking on the world’s most renowned boxing champions.
  • Customization options: Personalize your gym with a wide range of customization options, from state-of-the-art training equipment to motivational posters adorning the walls. Create a unique environment that reflects your vision and fosters the growth and success of your boxers.


Boxing Gym Story is a shining example of Kairosoft’s expertise in crafting immersive and engaging management simulation games. With its compelling gameplay mechanics, vibrant graphics, and attention to detail, this game offers players an unforgettable journey into the heart of boxing. So, step into the ring, unleash your inner champion, and build your empire in the exhilarating world of Boxing Gym Story.



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