Frozen City

Frozen City

v1.9.21 by Century Games PTE. LTD.

Frozen City stands out as the ultimate post-apocalyptic city-building experience, blending intricate survival mechanics with limitless possibilities in a frozen wasteland.

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Name Frozen City
Publisher Century Games PTE. LTD.
Genre Simulation
Size 367.72M
Version 1.9.21
Update April 11, 2024
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Frozen City is the most famous version in the Frozen City series of publisher Century Games PTE. LTD.
Mod Version 1.9.21
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Frozen City is a captivating city-building and survival simulation game set in a post-apocalyptic world gripped by an ice and snow catastrophe. In this immersive gaming experience, players assume the role of the chief of the last surviving town on Earth, tasked with rebuilding civilization from the ground up amidst the frozen ruins of the world. The game offers a richly detailed and dynamic gameplay experience, where players must manage resources, lead their survivors, and navigate the harsh realities of the icy wilderness to ensure the survival and prosperity of their town. With its emphasis on psychological and social dynamics, as well as its unique features such as unlimited resources, infinite diamonds, and an ad-free experience, Frozen City stands out as a compelling and innovative addition to the city-building and survival simulation genre.

Great features of Frozen City MOD APK

  • Unlimited resources: In Frozen City, players have access to an abundance of essential resources to fuel their town’s growth and prosperity. From necessities like food and water to building materials and fuel, players can gather resources without limitations. This unlimited supply of resources allows players to focus on strategic decision-making and town management without the constraints of scarcity.
  • Infinite diamonds: Diamonds serve as a premium currency in Frozen City, offering players access to exclusive features, upgrades, and customization options. With an infinite supply of diamonds, players can expedite their progress, unlock rare items, and customize their town to their heart’s content. Whether it’s speeding up production, acquiring unique buildings, or recruiting powerful heroes, diamonds provide players with unparalleled flexibility and freedom in shaping their town’s destiny.
  • Ad-free experience: Unlike many other games that inundate players with intrusive advertisements, Frozen City offers a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience. With no ads to disrupt gameplay, players can immerse themselves fully in the frozen world of Frozen City, focusing on building, exploring, and surviving without distractions. This ad-free experience enhances the overall enjoyment and engagement of players, allowing them to fully appreciate the intricacies of town management and exploration without interruption.

Uniting survival and psychology

Frozen City emerges as a standout title, distinguished by its innovative approach to gameplay. While many games in this genre prioritize resource management and infrastructure development, Frozen City goes beyond the basics, integrating a compelling focus on the psychological and social dynamics of survival. Here, players must not only ensure the physical needs of their inhabitants are met but also consider their emotional well-being. Decisions regarding resource allocation, working conditions, and governance directly impact the morale of the population, with dissatisfied survivors posing significant challenges to the player’s authority and the stability of the town. This emphasis on the human element adds layers of complexity to gameplay, requiring players to balance practical survival strategies with the nuanced dynamics of human psychology. Moreover, the inclusion of hero characters further enriches the experience, allowing players to recruit powerful allies who can aid in various aspects of town management and exploration. With its unique blend of survival simulation and psychological depth, Frozen City offers players a truly immersive and compelling journey through a frozen landscape teeming with both peril and possibility.

Survival simulation at its core

Frozen City places a heavy emphasis on the intricacies of survival amidst harsh conditions. Survivors, the backbone of your society, must be carefully managed to ensure the town’s functionality and prosperity. Assign them to various tasks, from resource gathering to facility management, all while monitoring their physical and mental well-being. Shortages in food or plummeting temperatures can lead to illness and discontent, highlighting the delicate balance required for survival in this unforgiving environment.

Exploration and discovery

Venture beyond the confines of your town into the vast, uncharted wilderness that stretches endlessly in all directions. As your survivor teams grow, so too does your capacity for exploration. Send out expeditions to uncover hidden treasures, unravel the mysteries shrouding the apocalypse, and secure vital supplies necessary for your town’s survival. Each journey into the unknown promises both peril and opportunity, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

Key features

  • Town building: Gather resources, expand your settlement, and maintain the basic needs of your populace while juggling production and supply.
  • Production chain: Transform raw materials into essential goods, optimizing production ratios to ensure the efficient operation of your town.
  • Labor allocation: Assign survivors to various roles such as workers, hunters, and chefs, all while monitoring their health and happiness. Dive into the intricacies of town management and experience the challenges of hardcore gaming.
  • Expansion: Grow your survivor community and establish additional settlements to attract new inhabitants, bolstering your town’s strength and resilience.
  • Hero collection: Rally powerful allies to your cause, whether they be valiant soldiers or cunning rogues. Recruit them to aid in the growth and defence of your burgeoning society.


Frozen City represents a captivating blend of city-building simulation and survival gameplay, offering players a compelling journey through a world gripped by icy despair. With its richly detailed mechanics, immersive exploration, and challenging gameplay, it stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure as you strive to rebuild civilization amidst the frozen ruins of a once-thriving world. Welcome to Frozen City, where survival is just the beginning.



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