Legend Of Slime: Idle RPG War

Legend Of Slime: Idle RPG War

v2.13.0 by LoadComplete

Legend of Slime Mod APK stands out with its enchanting blend of strategic alliance-building, captivating monster battles, and innovative gameplay, offering players a uniquely immersive experience in t

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Name Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War
Publisher LoadComplete
Genre Adventure
Size 191.62M
Version 2.13.0
Update May 30, 2024
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Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War is the most famous version in the Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War series of publisher LoadComplete
Mod Version 2.13.0
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Summon 999999 Items [Quit the game when summon!]

Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War is a mobile game set in a captivating monster forest threatened by humans and dark forces. Players lead the Slime clan, forging alliances with diverse monsters like snails and chickens. The game combines classic RPG elements with strategic gameplay, focusing on upgrading slime skills, unlocking legends, and building a powerful slime legion. Engage in epic battles against various foes, including evil knights and demon slayers. With an innovative blend of idle and auto-battle features, the game offers an engaging experience for fans of action RPGs and idle clickers, making it a standout title in the mobile gaming realm.

Immersive storyline

Legend of Slime has an engaging narrative within the enchanting backdrop of a monster forest under siege by invading humans. Players assume the pivotal role of the leader of the Slime clan, adding a strategic and leadership dimension to the tale. The epic conflict unfolds as dark forces threaten the fate of the monster world, compelling players to embark on a quest for peace. The diverse enemy types, including evil knights, warriors, fighters, and demon slayers, contribute to the richness of the game world. Strategic elements are introduced through raiding human villages, looting gold, and engaging in mining activities. As players progress, the narrative emphasizes character growth and the development of a formidable slime legion with legendary creatures. The storyline cleverly integrates endless adventure and challenges, including boss battles, hero level-ups, and infinite upgrades, ensuring a continuous stream of excitement. Importantly, the narrative aligns with the game’s free-to-play model, making it accessible to a broad audience and emphasizing player progression without reliance on microtransactions.

Strategic slime mastery and legion building

The gameplay of Legend of Slime shines in its strategic approach to slime mastery and legion building. Players are not only tasked with the leadership of the Slime clan but are also required to forge alliances with a diverse range of monsters found within the forest ecosystem, ranging from snails to chickens and beyond. This alliance-building element adds a layer of depth to the game, encouraging players to strategically choose their companions for battles ahead. The upgrading of slime skills and the unlocking of new legends further contribute to the immersive gameplay, allowing for the creation of a powerful and customizable slime legion. As players assemble their formidable forces, they engage in epic battles against a variety of foes, including evil knights, warriors, fighters, and demon slayers. This strategic and dynamic gameplay aspect not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also aligns seamlessly with the overarching narrative of defending the tranquility of the monster forest. Legend of Slime offers players a unique and engaging blend of strategic decision-making and tactical prowess as they build and lead their slime legion to triumph.

Core features

  • Action RPG with idle elements: Legend of Slime combines the best of action RPG and idle gaming, offering an immersive experience with both arena and online elements.
  • Customizable item system: Explore a rich item system with hundreds of weapons and defenses divided into various levels, allowing players to tailor their strategy for battles.
  • Auto-battle system: Engage in idle clicker gameplay, allowing continuous coin earnings for enhancing your slime’s attack, blood, recovery, attack speed, and experience gain. Conquer the challenges with an auto-battle system that ensures an easier adventure.
  • RPG adventure battles: Unleash your wrath upon human warriors, raid villages, loot gold-laden wagons, and turn defeated enemies into loyal minions. Venture into mining for valuable treasures and engage in epic boss battles.
  • Progression and strategy: Level up your monsters and slimes, merge and customize your hero slime legends, and strategically boost their power with swords, armor, and weapons. Develop a winning strategy by combining attackers, weapons, and control monsters.
  • Idle auto-battle: Set up your hero lineup to fight automatically, even earning rewards offline. Simple tap mechanics empower you to select, power up, and send out your brave slime with ease.
  • Endless fun games: Collect and summon monster companions, level up your heroes, and unlock mighty skills for your slime. Enjoy endless game levels, including wars, PvP battles, arena challenges, slime upgrades, item unlocks, and more.


For enthusiasts of idle clickers, level-up games, action RPGs, and role-playing adventures, Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War stands as a testament to epic gameplay. Immerse yourself in an idle adventure teeming with slime legends, offering an unparalleled upgrade game experience—all for free! Embark on this thrilling journey to conquer the monster forest and become a legend in the world of slimes.



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