The 10 best hyper-casual games on Android

by Jaime Lee, Monday, 27 March 2023 (1 year ago)
The 10 best hyper-casual games on Android

Today, APKLITE shares with you the 10 best hyper-casual games. After reading this article, we bet you would give them a try. Please see the detail below:

1. Bridge Race

Bridge Race is a great hyper-casual game from the developer Supersonic Studio. This is the best racing game ever, with over 250 million downloads. In 2022, it got 55.6m downloads. In the game, players have to compete with others for collecting blocks in order to construct their own Bridge. You need to seek out prospective looters.
Almost a thousand levels with mechanisms such as sliders, sleds, zip lines, ladders, and lifts await you in this hyper-casual game. Let’s join it and gather your own colorful building blocks and construct bridges right now!

2. Tall Man Run

This is a great name again from the developer Supersonic Studio. It seems to be a great idea for this developer to build one of the greatest hyper-casual games in 2022. So far, Tall Man Run has gotten more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store.
With Tall Man Run, runners have additional options thanks to a longer track and higher height requirements. Each level will require you to run along a different path and make different choices. They have the potential to lower a character’s stature, making it more challenging to face off against the boss. Still, the only way to guarantee victory is to make smarter decisions. The later parts of the race present progressively more tough obstacles.

3. Fill The Fridge

Another hyper-casual game with a creative idea but familiar action. This time, players have to be good fridge managers by filling it with all the necessary things. Specifically, you are back from the supermarket with a lot of items in your shopping bags. It is no longer a story about organizing stuff. It is about how to tidy up and make your fridge neatly. This is a real-life game. To do that, players have to start placing various products, groceries, beverages, and other items in the refrigerator compartments and attempt to accommodate them all. Besides, you have to clean out each of your shopping baskets, locate the ideal sorting areas, and reload the refrigerator to play the game your way. We have to say this activity is quite hard but it is fun. Join now!

4. Race Master 3D – Car Racing

This is an actual racing game. However, it has three factors to be a hyper-casual game, as we mentioned above, simple gameplay, short duration, and a highly interactive feature. In the game, you have the option to select the racing vehicle of your choice and then compete in thrilling races against hundreds of different opponents. With a variety of fairly intense and intriguing races, players will have the opportunity to explore an amusing and entertaining environment.
Players have to keep their fingertips on the screen and be prepared for anything in this thrilling mobile racing game where you never know what to expect around the next turn. In super-fast, super-exciting, trippy races, fine-tune your vehicle, keep your foot on the throttle, avoid a variety of obstacles, and attempt to stay away from your equally vicious opponents. In this intuitive and crazy casual racing game, you’ll experience speed, drama, and awesome cars, among other things.

5. Merge Master: Dinosaur Monster

Merge Master: Dinosaur Monster is a great game from Homa Games, the leading publisher of Hyper Casual Games, Puzzle Games, and Casual Games. After the game’s release in January 2022, it has had more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.
Merge Master: Dinosaur Monsters is a fascinating real-time strategy that replicates epic battles between dinosaurs and monsters, similar to monster legend and merge dragons. In the game, your goal is to combine your warriors and dinosaurs to defeat all enemies, such as dragons, demons, and archers, and go to victory.

6. Deliver it 3D

Although the game was released 1 month ago, it has had more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. The game is exactly a hyper-casual game with super simple gameplay and intuitive graphics. In the game, the objective is to deliver the packages to the correct destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible, while avoiding obstacles and other hazards that may arise along the way. The game features realistic physics and a range of different vehicles to choose from, as well as a variety of challenging levels to complete. The game also includes various customization options for the player’s vehicles and driver avatars.

7. DOP 4: Draw One Part

Again, we meet another game from the developer SayGames Ltd. It has achieved more than 50 million downloads on Google Play. This is an interesting game idea for fans of logical thinking and drawing. Specifically, players will use their fingers to draw and sketch the shapes of the parts the drawing needs, then watch the game color and fill in the rest to complete the picture and take you to the next challenge. They have to use their inner power to solve the puzzles. The funniest factor of the game is that you do not know how fun the picture will be after giving it the draw.

8. Going Balls

Going Balls is a hyper-casual game from the developer Supersonic Studios LTD. This has an as simple name as its gameplay. However, it broke many records for the mobile game. So far, the game has achieved more than 200 million downloads on Google Play.

In the game, players must control the ball on a long path, and try to finish first. The most interesting thing is that the game provides you with a leaderboard along with ranking challenges. You now have to do your best to win over many online players. Currently, the game has more than 1000 levels for you to enjoy an endless race.

9. Dessert DIY

Dessert DIY is a great game from the developer Crazylabs ltd. Its fame comes from a large number of downloads on Google Play of more than 50 million downloads. With the game, it is not too difficult for you to become a master of the bakery. In Dessert DIY, players can create delicious ice cream, the icing on the cake, and cake decorations with their imagination in one of the greatest cake games available today.

Besides, you can freely do experiments with various recipes, icing techniques, mirror cakes, fruit ingredients, and syrups to create delicious desserts. Join now!

10. Count Masters: Stickman Games.

Count Masters: Stickman Games is the oldest game on this list. After 10 months, it has got more than 100 million downloads on Google Play. This is a deserved achievement for the developer when they brought a very interesting game to players.

In the game, you must control a stickman to go through many gates. However, you have to choose the most advantageous one, enter it, and assemble your stickman warriors to do battle with the opposing force. Besides, you need to take control of the mob and guide your followers through the hectic city to the finish line of this thrilling competition. You can also collect coins and level up as you smash through obstacles and conquer the competition. Take the castle by defeating the stickman King.


Above is all the information about the Hyper-casual game, and its history and future. Besides, we give you the list of the 10 best hyper-casual games. APKLITE team will update more interesting games and apps on our website. We hope that our information is useful and gets your attention and support.


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