Top 10 Chinese Photo Editors for Android

by Jaime Lee, Tuesday, 4 April 2023 (1 year ago)
Top 10 Chinese Photo Editors for Android

For a long time, we have known China with many cool inventions. In particular, applications on Android phones also show their power, especially photo-editing applications. We have to say that “Chinese magicians are excellent at making such great photo editors!”. Today, APKLITE will list for you the Top 10 Chinese Photo Editors for Android. Please see the detail below:

1. Xingtu

Xingtu is a Chinese photo editing application manufactured by Beijing Yanxuan Technology. It provides shooting features like a professional camera. Besides, Xingtu owns a rich and diverse filter with many effects, fancy colors, and unique and extremely powerful tools.

Key features:

  • Various editing features such as acne removal, skin smoothing, face slimming, eye-nose correction, waist slimming, and leg-lengthening… Unlike other applications, Xingtu allows users to edit very deeply.
  • Features to adjust the density, color, light…
  • Simple and easy image editing and collage.
  • Filters rich with colors, and natural light.
  • Stocks of diverse, rich backgrounds.
  • Allows to export images with high resolution, without making the image broken.

Besides, Xingtu also provides free cutting and background creation features. Possesses many outstanding advantages. Since its launch, Xingtu has become a popular application among users, not only within China but also around the world. If you want to own beautiful and unique “virtually live” photos, do not ignore this photo editing app.

2. Tide Selfie

Tide Selfie is a powerful and popular photo editing application today, especially for young people. Similar to Xingtu photo editing applications, Tide Selfie also helps users smoothen faces, lengthen legs, slim waists, etc. In addition, the application also provides diverse filters with eye-catching and unique colors.

Key features:

  • Polaride – Basic photography feature.
  • Take photos in studio style
  • FishEye Camera – See the world more interestingly through fisheye. This corner is a bit interesting and cute.
  • Smart shaping – New technology helps to become a long-legged goddess in just a few seconds
  • Various stickers, it’s fun – It’s so boring, and it’s more fun to change one sticker
  • Featured filters, save scraps – Multiple shots, trendy filters, and scraps become blockbusters in a second
  • Realistic beauty, enhanced beauty – Real beauty, real beauty, and no makeup can also film blockbusters
  • Exciting 10S videos, showing off a trendy look – Segment capture + variable special effects = shooting trendy blockbusters every minute

3. Meitu

This is one of the hot Chinese photo editing apps that are popular among young people. The application provides diverse and beautiful features, photography modes, and photo editing. Meitu has a rich, diverse, unique, and beautiful filter system.

Key features:

  • Photo editing application has new features such as transforming into anime characters…
  • Sharp and beautiful shooting mode.
  • Various editing features such as face tightening, skin smoothing, eye correction, nose correction, etc.
  • Provides basic editing features such as adding text, rotating, blending background, etc.
  • Varied sample stock.
  • Rich and diverse fonts.
  • Provide storage and statistics features.
  • Beautiful, rich sticker store, updated every day.

4. Makeup Plus

MakeupPlus is the perfect selfie app for you, offering completely new photo editing options. With MakeupPlus, you can freely customize hundreds of virtual makeup models on your own face right on your phone. You can change from lipstick color, blush, or eye makeup style to dyed hair color, add some pretty freckles, or a little glitter on your cheeks.

Key features:

  • COUNTER: This tool helps you try on Lipstick Colors and buy lipsticks from favorite brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Lime Crime, GLAMGLOW, Stila, Clarins and many more.
  • AR GLAM: Selfie with more personality with improved filters comes to life.
  • TOUCH-UP function: users can create their own makeup looks OR try out exclusive MakeupPlus comprehensive makeup sets incorporating famous names in the beauty industry such as Bretman Rock, Nikkie Tutorials, Lisa Eldridge, Christen Dominique, Angel Merino aka Mac Daddyy…
  • Large users’ community

5. Gufeng Camera

Gufeng Camera is a Chinese-style photo editing software that is very hot today. The software provides users with basic editing tools such as cropping, color correction, etc.

Key Features:

  • Quality, professional antique filter
  • Editing features from basic to advanced including brightness adjustment, blur, shadow correction, and saturation…
  • Various antique stickers such as flowers, snow, moon, etc.
  • Provide a variety of antique fonts.
  • A diverse collection of ancient poetry helps users create beautiful antique-style pictures.

6. Wuta Camera

Wuta Camera is a Chinese photo editing software that has received many positive reviews from users. The app provides necessary photo-editing features such as makeup, beauty, filters, etc. Besides, it provides GIF photography features with many different styles. Possessing the above outstanding advantages, Wuta Camera was honored as one of the hottest photo editing software on the market.

Key features:

  • Face recognition and basic beautification: skin smoothing, wrinkle removal, face correction, facial defect removal.
  • Basic photo editing tools including background compositing, cropping…
  • Rich and diverse fonts.
  • Makeup features include contouring, lipstick, eyes, nose, blush, etc.
  • The rich and cute sticker store is regularly updated.

7. Pitu

Pitu is a powerful photography and photo editing application from the developer Tencent – one of the largest Internet corporations in China. Therefore, Pitu can be called the best Chinese photo editing software worth trying. The application attracts a large number of users, a total of 1-6 million per month. Young people under the age of 25 are the target group Pitu targets. The features of the app also follow the trend of being more modern and youthful.

Key features:

  • Delete: Remove everything you don’t want, such as watermarks, LOGOs, and passersby.
  • Cut out: One-click cropping with the crop tool to crop, cut out the background, and create stickers.
  • Effects: Apply effects Neon, Glitch, Drip, Light fx, Cartoon, following fashion trends.
  • Filters: Easily get 100% free filters to decorate your photos.
  • Collage: Collage maker with over 100 layouts and backgrounds.
  • Blur: Use motion or zoom effects to blur the background or customize your style.
  • Crop: Easily rotate, zoom, and flip your photo, 1:1 square Insta for Instagram.
  • Fonts: Over 100 fonts to choose from or upload your own.
  • Beautify: Edit selfies, Reshape body with face and body editor.
  • Add photos to photos, and unlock many different layouts.

8. ButterCam

Butter Camera, also known as Huang you, Plo, is a yellow Chinese photo editing App that has a variety of Filters, and is integrated with features such as editing faces, eyes, and noses, … to help slim down. face compaction, and adjust image parameters easily.
Besides, users can combine Chinese-style Stickers into Videos and images, especially if they use Tik Tok, this will be an indispensable photo editing App in the collection.

Key features:

  • Filter Cutout Collage
  • More professional quality live filters
  • Don’t miss out on exclusive seasonal filters that add color to your everyday life
  • Selfie camera and beauty camera
  • Professional photo editor
  • Customizable filters
  • Sweet analog filter, nature, vintage, food, retro… analog film Paris, Tokyo…
  • Collab Editor – Professional photo editing: Allows you to embellish both your photos and videos with all kinds of effects, from old and detailed simulations of film reels to various movie-inspired effects.
  • Additional tools: Crop, collage, grid, level, contrast, saturation, opacity/focus, white balance, temperature, lights, shadows…

9. Camera360

Camera 360 is a classic Chinese photo editing software that has “made a storm among young people”. So far, the application has not shown any signs of cooling down. Users can take selfies or pose on the street, which has become more popular and easier thanks to Camera 360. It is undeniable that it has created a movement to take photos and beautify with phone apps.

Key features:

  • Collection of more than 300 high-quality filters with many styles: Retro, HDR, Lomo, black and white…
  • Provide more than 30 tools for users to do their own makeup
  • Provide many stickers, and cute icons to decorate photos
  • Allows recording short videos from 10-60 seconds by inserting music, and inserting filters.

10. FaceU

FaceU is a Chinese photo editing software that is famous for its powerful beautification capabilities. The application is released for free on both Android and iOS operating systems, so it is convenient for many audiences. In addition, FaceU also develops social connection features, including video chat and messages with funny and funny stickers.

Key Features:

  • Sticker store with eye-catching AR technology
  • Various stylish color filters
  • Users can do their own makeup according to their preferences
  • Quick face editing
  • AR sticker app for video recording

APKLITE has just sent to readers the Top 10 Chinese Photo Editors for Android. Having said that, the photo-taking and editing applications from China are very powerful and full of features. If you have any other points of view or suggestions about beautiful photography and photo editing applications, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!


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