Top 3 best VPN for Android

by Jaime Lee, Tuesday, 28 March 2023 (1 year ago)
Top 3 best VPN for Android

Currently, there are many free VPNs on Android. Their competition is tense. However, not all of them are good enough to meet the user’s needs. So, how can you find the best free VPN for your Android device or avoid getting a worthless service?

How do you know if the free VPN you downloaded for Android is tracking you or containing malware? The majority of users may believe that 5% or even 10% of them are malicious. And what about 38%? 38% of free Android VPN apps contain inexplicit components, according to our investigation. It means you have the risk of choosing the wrong one. As a result, we conducted extensive research, not only the necessary criteria for each free Android VPN, but also a list of the best free VPN Services that meet these criteria. Please see our choices for 3 best free VPN services for Android:

1. The first one on the list Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

It’s a trustworthy Android VPN with strong security and a decent encryption method, effective kill switch and modern WireGuard protocol. The only downside is the US jurisdiction, which is perfect for privacy. That said now that Atlas VPN is associated with the company behind one of the most secure VPN services on the market. Its key features are the following:

  • The Wire-guard protocol also performs quite a bit: At least, our test has shown very good speed among the best across free VPN services Providers. In the free version, only three locations are accessible. These are enough If you are from the US or Europe. Otherwise, you won’t get the best when connected to these servers.
  • P2P support: We managed the torrent using at last VP, which is rare in a free VPN.

Unfortunately, despite being the best Free VPN IN 2022, Atlas VPN still has limitations. We managed to use it for streaming. The 10 GB bandwidth limit feels rather restricting, especially for torrenting and just one simultaneous connection means you need another account for your PC.

Atlas VPN’s premium version removes those restrictions Plus you can obtain some premium time for free by introducing friends. That will get both you and them are premium version for unlimited time.

2. Proton VPN

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a rare example of a free Android VPN with unlimited bandwidth but that’s not its only strength. The encryption used by Proton VPN is robust and dependable, and it is paired with an effective kill switch. Situated in Switzerland, Proton VPN is susceptible to data retention loss but it has a trustworthy no-lock policy, which makes it good. Armed with a wire guard protocol, Proton VPN provides Slightly lower speed than AtlasVPN but it is still amongst the best Android VPN services in terms of performance. Like Atlas VPN, proton VPN has only three locations however these are distinct and allow better access for Asian customers. However, Proton VP Free version is still far from perfect. It does not support torrenting or streaming, and only one concurrent connection is permitted. Once again, it means you need another account for your device. The difference between the paid and free versions is considerable, but we will not go into further detail. You can always check the complete review later on our website.

3. WindScribe


Atlas VPN and proton VPN might be very good but Windscribe is a super VPN for Android. Its security is as good as other competitors. What makes it the best is the large number of available locations. Specifically, there are 11 different locations for you to choose from. It also has multiple servers, more than any other free VPN. Windscribe even supports P2P though it’s slow to preserve the bandwidth. Besides, it also features a built-in ad blocker as an extra function.

Unfortunately, there are some imperfect apples in every barrel of good cider. Despite using a wire guard, Windscribe is substantially slower than AtlasVPN and Proton VPN. If not for this, Windscribe might be the best free Android VPN service.

On the other hand, there’s no streaming support either, a 10 GB bandwidth limit, and more important, Windscribe is situated in Canada, subject to data retention loss. Still, Windscribe offers flexibility that is impossible to find among the best free Android VPNs.

These are just our choices though you can find a free VPN for Android that might suit you better. Just do your research properly and verify you are not dealing with a harmful service. If what we have mentioned interests you, you can find the link for full review and download for your device.


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