Top 5 new free Arcade Games for Android

by Jaime Lee, Friday, 7 April 2023 (1 year ago)
Top 5 new free Arcade Games for Android

Today, we are talking about the Arcade game. There are more and more interesting games in this genre have been produced. We can list many famous games such as Minecraft, Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack, or Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game. In this article, we bring you new winds in the Top 5 New Free Arcade Games for Android. Please see the detail below:

1. City Hole io: Robot Attack

City Hole Io Robot Attack

City Hole io: Robot Attack is an exciting new arcade game from the makers of Boss Level Studio. Although it has only been released for 10 days, it has immediately created a fever on the game charts with more than 50k downloads and thousands of votes.

In this game, players will transform into a giant black hole, ready to swallow everything in sight. The game offers you 2 modes, Single-player and PVP. In it, in Single-player mode, the player will collect and suck all the buildings in the city, devour everything to fortify our fortress and collect power for the hole to destroy the enemy. enemy. You need to be bigger to eat as much as possible and prepare for the fight with the final boss. In PVP mode, in addition to eating the city, players also have to grow fast to swallow their opponents.

Key features:

  • Immerse yourself in a fantasy world with amazing, unique themes like Pirates and Sci-Fi City World
  • Customize your hole with awesome skins
  • Stock up on all the lively and interesting items in town
  • Challenge yourself and refresh your day with entertaining game modes.

2. Sand Explore 3D

Sand Explore 3D

Sand Explore 3D is an attractive game from the manufacturer Vooc_devlopper, a manufacturer specializing in casual entertainment games. This game is considered one of the most popular games of this manufacturer when it has reached more than 50k downloads and thousands of positive votes on the Google Play Store after 1 month of release.

In this game, your task is to collect all the sand on the map. Besides, ores also need to be collected. The level is considered passed when you collect all the ores. Players can upgrade their vehicle with dozens of options such as suction width, suction range, power, speed, and capacity. To make the game more interesting, the manufacturer has brought you many collectible maps. This is a very interesting game, suitable for all ages, especially kids.

3. Magic Fruit Crystal

Magic Fruit Crystal

Magic Fruit Crystal is an addictive puzzle arcade game from the developer Reginald Ugochukwu. 5 days after its release, the game has had more than 10k downloads on Google Play Store. It is a great success for a new game.

In the game, your task is to collect combinations of identical fruits and win points and boosters to play again. The game has more than 100 levels and each level becomes harder and more interesting. You can choose the game mode that’s right for you. The game gives you limited time mode and battle mode. In it, players need to be very fast to keep up with time in time mode. In battle mode, you not only need to be fast but also smart to fight other players in real-time. This game also has an online leaderboard where you can compare your score with your friends and other players around the world. The more combinations you make, the more points you get, as well as more boosters to get you through to the next level. In addition, Magic Fruit Crystal has various bonuses and prizes, including rare fruits that will give you more points and boosters that help you pass levels faster and easier. Magic Fruit Crystal is a great fun game for all ages that will help develop your logic and attention and will take you into the fascinating world of fruit combinations and adventures.

4. Craftsman Master

Craftsman Master

Craftsman Master is a fun arcade game from the makers of TheKingStudio. It is inspired by the classic game Minecraft. After 20 days of launch, this game has surpassed 10k downloads on the Google Play Store platform.

In this game, players will start building and show the world their best game and build. Players will learn how to build houses, castles, or mines. Decorate your home with furniture with your own design. In addition, you can build all the programs you can think of. This is an unlimited game. Besides, other elements of real life are also stylized and included in this game such as trees, animals, vehicles…

Key features:

  • Game for family
  • Online Multiplayer
  • various construction works
  • Construction simulation
  • Select and customize characters.
  • Pixel graphics
  • Free of charge.

5. Fruit and Diamond Party

Fruit And Diamond Party

Fruit and Diamond Party is a great game from the maker Shabanova Yana, for those who love puzzles and want to have a good time. 10 days after the release, this game surpassed 10k downloads and has an absolute score on Google Play Store. This is an extremely impressive number for a new game.

Fruit and Diamond Party is a bright and engaging game that allows you to spend your time in a fun and exciting way. In this game, you have to match diamonds of the same color to get an explosion and earn points. Each level is a set of diamonds of different colors and your task is to collect three or more diamonds of the same color in a row.

In addition, the game gives you various fruits and boosters in the game that will help you speed up the game. It will save time and make the game more interesting. One of the features of the game is the bright and colorful graphics, which make the game more attractive. In addition, it is suitable for all ages, as it does not contain violence. Try it now and enjoy vivid emotions and a fun pastime.

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