Top 6 New Free VPN Apps for Android

by Jaime Lee, Monday, 10 April 2023 (1 year ago)
Top 6 New Free VPN Apps for Android

Today, we are talking about VPN applications for Android. There are many popular VPNs in the market such as NordVPN, SurfsharkVPN, or ExpressVPN. They are too good to use for web browsing. However, if you want to find a new one with more creative features, we bring you the Top 6 New Free VPN Apps for Android in this article. Please see the detail below:

1, Turbo VPN – Fast & Secure VPN

Turbo VPN – Fast & Secure VPN is the first VPN application we want to introduce to you. It is from the developer Dream – Apps. After nearly a month of release, this application has surpassed 500k downloads on Google Play.

About Turbo VPN – Fast & Secure VPN, this is a US and European VPN app, it is available for all countries applying opera vpngate v2ray. With this app, users can comfortably enjoy a fast and secure VPN connection with US high-speed VPN.

Key features:

  • Connect securely to unblock websites, secure WiFi hotspots and protect privacy.
  • Connect successfully like a hare with high VPN speed.
  • One tap to connect to a secure VPN proxy server.
  • There are many secure VPN cloud proxy servers to provide better VPN and network service.
  • US VPN Secure Proxy Server & Free Service
  • Bypass firewall as school free VPN proxy for school wifi hotspots and school computers.
  • Protect your network traffic under WiFi hotspots Browse anonymously and securely without being tracked. Enjoy private browsing and better networking.
  • Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G and all mobile data carriers.
  • Encrypt data using OpenVPN protocols (UDP/TCP).

2, Blue Speed VPN: Secure & Fast

The second position is Blue Speed VPN: Secure & Fast, a great application from the developer Helalik. After 10 days of release, it surpassed 10k downloads on the Google Play store.

BlueSpeed VPN is a VPN app that protects your privacy, hides your IP address, and protects WIFI hotspot security. It is highly appreciated for its very easy to use, fast connection speed, fast proxy speed and high connection success rate. It provides you with fast unlock app sites and a safe and fast Internet experience. Users can connect to VPN with just one click. In addition, it supports unlimited bandwidth and unlimited free global servers.

Key features:

  • Unlimited bandwidth usage
  • Endless list of countries to connect with around the world!
  • One simple click to connect
  • Super fast-speed proxy
  • Proxy any apps and websites in any country
  • Disappearing IP/ Fake IP
  • VPN Hotspot
  • VPN Proxy for VOIP
  • works with 5G, 4G, 3G, WiFi, Hotspots and all mobile data carriers
  • Simple to use – contains only the “Connect” button
  • FREE & Unlimited
  • Stable – Most stable – Never lose connection: Global network, free VPN for USA, India, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc. Furthermore, it perfectly supports Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Clean VPN – No Logs

3, Cat VPN

At number 3 is Cat VPN, the developer Chenyuqiu’s app with over 10k downloads after 20 days of release on Google Play.

CatVPN is an application that allows you to access restricted networks and use them simply by connecting to a VPN with one click. This application always protects your security and privacy, works stably with a large number of servers, and supports connections to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Germany, France, Japan and Canada. It gives you the freedom to choose from diverse servers. In addition, this app also supports a one-click connection to the best server, saving users time and without having to check the connection information to the best server in the system. With an optimized and intuitively designed user interface, it is very easy to use. What’s more, you won’t be limited by usage or time, so you can surf the Internet as much as you want without fear of being interrupted. interrupt.

4, Give VPN

At number 4 is the free VPN app Give VPN. This is the application of the developer Speed Group dev with more than 100k downloads on Google Play after 1 month of release.

As mentioned above, Give VPN is completely free, user-friendly, and easy to use with just one click to connect. Besides, this application also provides users with VPN service with unlimited and free VPN bandwidth. If you cannot connect to the server, please change your country manually. Give VPN is also very powerful. The Speed Plus function can bypass wifi and can open blocked websites including video sites not available in your country. As guaranteed as the best VPN app on the market, Give VPN gives you faster and safer. You can safely browse the web without being tracked.

5, Taj Tunnel VPN

In 5th place on the chart is the Taj Tunnel VPN application of the manufacturer Jp Developer. After 20 days of release, this application has collected more than 50k downloads on Google Play and thousands of positive votes.

Taj Tunnel VPN is a high-speed, lightweight and easy-to-use HTTP Tunnel for Android. It works based on the HTTP CONNECT method, which means that HTTP works based on the request-response protocol between the client and the server. A web browser can be a client, and a computer application hosted as a website can be a server. This makes your browsing safer and more secure.

Key features:

  • Super fast HTTP Tunnel uses the HTTP CONNECT method
  • Low RAM, Battery Consumption
  • High speed
  • Works well in low-speed mobile network
  • Change your location; Protect your privacy.
  • Tunnel server locations in multiple countries.
  • All Servers are deployed in a 1 Gbps network.
  • A simple and easy-to-use tunnel for your phone and tablet.

6, Ford VPN – Secure VPN

Number 6 is Ford VPN – Secure VPN from the developer Mehchan Dev. After 10 days of release, this application has gradually reached customers and reached more than 1000 downloads on Google Play This application is rated as safe, fast, and easy to use with A+ VPN standard, the best VPN for online security and data protection. Users can use unlimited and free with one click to connect, without any restrictions. In addition, the servers of this application also operate stably, at high speed, and without interruption. A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network over a public network, allowing users to send and receive data over a shared or public network as if their computing device were directly connected to the private network. So applications that run over a VPN can benefit from the performance, security, and management of a private network.

Key features:

  • unblock restricted websites
  • No registration required
  • No speed limit
  • High speed with fast and uninterrupted connection
  • Full protection of privacy
  • Super fast and unlimited connection.

APKLITE has just sent readers 6 newly launched VPN applications, which are highly appreciated in the market. If you have any suggestions for us on this topic, feel free to leave a comment in this article.


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