Top 7 Hilarious Mobile Games

by Jaime Lee, Wednesday, 6 March 2024 (5 months ago)
Top 7 Hilarious Mobile Games

In the vast landscape of mobile gaming, where high-octane action and strategic challenges dominate, there exists a realm of pure comedic genius. These are the games that make you chuckle, guffaw, and sometimes even question your sanity. From simulating the absurd to embracing the downright bizarre, these top 7 hilarious mobile games redefine what it means to have a good time on your smartphone.

1, Goat Simulator PAYDAY

Following the wildly successful Goat Simulator, PAYDAY takes the absurdity to new heights by letting you control a gang of goats on a crime spree. From flamingos with tongue-lashings to camels spitting saliva, each species brings its own brand of chaos to the table. With its quirky premise and endless opportunities for mayhem, Goat Simulator PAYDAY is a hilarious romp through a world where goats rule the roost and crime pays in bleats.

Despite a paid game, Goat Simulator PAYDAY has received great support from gaming community. It also gets 4.9-star ratings on Google Play. You should give it a try to make your day!

2, Pimple Popper

Ever wanted to indulge in the grossly satisfying act of popping pimples without the mess? Look no further than Pimple Popper, the game that lets you do just that. With its “find hidden objects” gameplay, players must locate pimples, zoom in, and… squeeze! With different types of pimples requiring various squeezing techniques, it’s both gross and oddly satisfying. The sheer absurdity of the premise coupled with the addictive gameplay makes Pimple Popper a surprisingly hilarious experience.

3, Booger Boing

Step into the shoes (or rather, the nostrils) of a sentient booger as you navigate through the nasal passages of a hapless individual. Your mission? Shoot your way through obstacles to reach the finish line, collecting coins and avoiding strange creatures along the way. With its blend of gross-out humour and addictive gameplay, Booger Boing is a booger-blasting extravaganza that’s sure to leave you in stitches. Also, the ridiculousness of the concept combined with the challenging gameplay makes for a uniquely hilarious experience.

4, Office Jerk

For anyone who’s ever dreamt of exacting revenge on their annoying office colleagues, Office Jerk is the game for you. With a variety of office items at your disposal, from staplers to beehives, your goal is simple: hit your colleague in the head as many times as possible. With its cathartic gameplay and humorous antics, Office Jerk offers a comedic outlet for all your workplace frustrations.

5, Muddy Heights 2

Embrace your inner mischief-maker in Muddy Heights 2, where you play as a person standing atop a high vantage point, raining bodily waste down on unsuspecting pedestrians below. With each discharge earning you points and recharging your energy, Muddy Heights 2 offers a hilariously crude experience that’s as addictive as it is absurd.

6, Cat Mario

Enter the world of Cat Mario, where nothing is as it seems and frustration lurks around every corner. As you control a cat on a quest to navigate treacherous obstacles and reach the finish line, you’ll encounter pitfalls, traps, and unexpected challenges at every turn. With its deceptively simple premise and devilishly difficult gameplay, Cat Mario is a comedic masterpiece that’s guaranteed to test your patience and leave you coming back for more.

Don’t let the cute visuals fool you; Cat Mario is a deceptively challenging and hilarious platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration and laughter. Navigate through levels filled with traps and pitfalls as you control an adorable cat on a quest to reach the finish line. The unexpected twists and turns, coupled with the sheer absurdity of the challenges, make Cat Mario a must-play for fans of comedic gaming.

7, Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Enter the surreal world of a bald, shirtless man trapped in a cauldron with nothing but a hammer. Your mission? Scale mountains using said hammer, grappling onto precarious surfaces while battling gravity and your own sanity. Getting Over It isn’t just a game; it’s a test of your patience, perseverance, and possibly your will to live. With its unique blend of frustration and triumph, it’s no wonder this game has captured the hearts (and rage) of gamers worldwide.

In conclusion, these top 7 hilarious mobile games offer a welcome respite from the rigors of everyday life, inviting players to embrace the absurd, revel in the ridiculous, and above all, laugh until it hurts. So whether you’re scaling mountains with a hammer-wielding man, causing chaos as a gang of goats, or popping pimples with gleeful abandon, one thing’s for certain: with these games, the laughter never stops.


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