Top 8 Idle games for Android

by Jaime Lee, Monday, 3 April 2023 (1 year ago)
Top 8 Idle games for Android

The term “idle game” refers to a type of video game that is largely played by itself, with the user having very little opportunity to participate in the action. This may seem counterintuitive since the vast majority of today’s games are designed to encourage players to engage in a variety of activities while playing. But, the fact of the matter is that a significant number of gamers love having such a game title because they do not have much time for playing. The idle game was born to save players’ time but still give their game progress. Today, APKLITE would like to bring you the Top 8 Idle Games for Android that you should try. Please see the detail below:

1, Idle Berserker

IDLE Berserker: Action RPG is a thrilling action role-playing game from the developer CookApps.

Now, players can freely build a powerful hero. The story in this game is engaging. In which the hero is Gasgaia, who is critically wounded but still stays alive thanks to the sudden appearance of a girl (Emily). He entered into an agreement with Chaos (a deity) and gained some of his power before being reincarnated as a crazy person after finding that the girl who had saved him was being sacrificed to the Black Dragon Trakan.

In this game, the intensity of anger is palpable at all times, but notably during the shockwave phase. Furthermore, the primary abilities show their efficacy in each application. IDLE Berserker offers a wide variety of thrilling fights accompanied by amazing visuals and great sound.

Key features:

  • Spectacular combat action
  • Infinite Growth RPG
  • Easy way to play
  • Rich Collection
  • Interesting game content
  • Unique costumes

2, Girls X Battle 2

Girls X Battle 2 is the sequel to Girls X Battle, which is an equally awesome title. You only have to worry about your hero formation once (when deploying the characters), and the rest is history. You can do daily quests, but they are never mandatory, just like the plenty of other content that you can choose to do or skip altogether.

Overall, it is a very exciting idler, since you can deploy various characters in a million different ways, all in order to defeat enemies easier. With cute chibi anime graphics, seasonal content, and a multitude of customizations, I’m sure you’ll place it at the top of your list of best idle games for Android as well.

Key features:

  • Dog protection.
  • Idle fights.
  • A hundred of girls for you to choose from.
  • Deploy girls into strategy formations.
  • Ranking.
  • Puzzles.
  • Boss fights.
  • Join Alliance and fight with other players.

3, Infinite heroes: afk idle games

Infinite Hero is a mobile idle role-playing game. In Norn’land, you will summon mythical heroes from other cultures to create your own League of Legends. You can train them to improve their abilities with talents, upgrade their equipment, transform them into living weapons, and construct the best mobile legends team ever assembled. Dragon rises bravely to fight against strong bosses, such as fire creatures, under your command. Even while you’re away, your legendary army will collect rewards to help you rebuild your country.

Key features:

  • Summon legends.
  • PVP arena.
  • Epic boss fights.
  • AFK.
  • Diverse rewards.

4, Idle Farming Empire

It is strange when a farm game is on the list of Idle games. It is very interesting when your production line autorun and brings you rewards. Before that, you have to do many things.

In Idle Farming Empire, players have to work as farm owners. You can raise a variety of crops in addition to building little pens for cows and pigs. Besides, players need to build up their farms so that they may harvest a large amount of food and sell it for a profit. This farm won’t require you to spend a lot of time developing it. Instead, it will continue to function and produce crops even while you are away. However, you need to take care of your animals, cultivate your land, and tend to the elements to ensure the success of your harvest. After getting money, you can use it to purchase extra areas and customize the farm.

The highlights of the game:

  • AUTOMATIC your farm and earn money continuously while you are away to get rich
  • COLLECT hundreds of crops and pets, each with its own style
  • WEATHER CONTROL – Increase production by turning on the sun and making it rain on your farm
  • EARN PRESTIGE by bringing plants to the market in exchange for magic seeds
  • INVEST Wisely with smart decisions about when to upgrade, harvest, or earn profits automatically
  • PLAY ANYWHERE! – Play for free online or offline, no connection required.

5, Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon is an addictive idle game for Android in which you run a mine that collects valuable materials such as gold, coal, diamonds, and rubies. In the game, players must hire workers to dig materials and ore, boost the mine’s productivity and output, as well as your employees, managers, and other personnel who will assure the mine’s efficient operation. After mining, you can sell precious resources on the market and use the earnings to purchase new equipment for your mine and hire more employees. In that way, you can put your money into a profitable enterprise and become a billionaire.

Key features:

  • Automate production
  • Get idle money even when offline
  • Investment
  • Recruit and manage workers
  • Hire managers
  • Manage up to 20 exciting mines
  • Mining 15 types of resources, including coal, gold, ruby, moonstone, amethyst, crystal, and jade.
  • No Internet connection required

6, Prison Empire Tycoon

Newbies may have a question about how can we become a tycoon in prison. It is the best idea for a game ever on Android.

In the game, you will run a prison and become a tycoon. Specifically, players will start with a small low-security prison that needs you to work hard to make your reputation grow and improve every detail and turn your modest prison into a high-security prison with the most dangerous prisoners under control.

At this point, gamers have to clarify the needs of facilities and make the right decisions to expand their business without internal conflicts. For example, you can expand the prison yard, customize the administrative department, provide security equipment for the guards, or even improve the ventilation system. Every single choice will have an impact on your repentance. Moreover, you can invest your idle money wisely to make more profits.

Key features:

  • Improve security system.
  • Provide full basic needs of prisoners.
  • Manage staff.
  • Investments.
  • Expand the prison and tend to get bigger ones.

7, Idle Archer – Tower Defense

Idle Archer – Tower Defense is a great Idle game from the developer Neon Play. In the game, as a Lone Archer, you have to defend the kingdom against the evil dark lord’s summoned monsters. Specifically, players must protect towers, improve their archers, and defeat waves of evil.

Idle Archer is an addictive tower defense game in which you protect your tower from waves of monsters as an archer. Victory is important to the game; collect loot, upgrade your towers and archers, and try again.

Key features:

  • Simple and addictive tower defense gameplay
  • Idle game with strategy and RPG elements
  • Invest valuable gold to permanently upgrade your archer
  • Collect unique and powerful skill cards that offer different play styles
  • Fight waves of evil monsters and defeat bosses
  • As in every strategy game, test your strategic thinking

8, AFK Arena

The Android game AFK Arena is widely considered to be among the best idle role-playing games (RPGs) available. The fact that there are millions of players ensures that it is one of the top idle games that can be played on Android. The best aspect, on the other hand, is that you get to decide how you want to play the game for yourself. You will make consistent advancements regardless of how much time you spend playing it, whether you are actively participating or more on the AFK side of things.

This is a role-playing game that has some stunning design elements. Playing this game consists solely of relaxing and having fun. In addition, players have the option of employing strategy by merging heroes, skills, and the benefits offered by sides in order to win over their enemies. It is imperative for players to level up their heroes in order to build a strong army and fight against the evil that is posing a threat to Esperia. You can also take part in exciting adventures, start a voyage filled with wonder, and travel to forgotten regions for a long time. You will soon be welcomed into the land of Esperia!

We have just brought you the Top 8 Idle games for Android. If you have any questions or ideas about this topic, please let us know by giving a comment on this article. Thanks and have fun!


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