TowerBall: Idle Incremental TD

TowerBall: Idle Incremental TD

v548 by WaffleStack Studio LLC

Tower Ball redefines tower defense, seamlessly blending strategy and idle play for an addictive gaming experience with diverse towers and dynamic progression.

Android Android 5.0Simulation
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Price: $0
Name TowerBall: Idle Incremental TD
Publisher WaffleStack Studio LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 52.03M
Version 548
Update February 24, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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TowerBall: Idle Incremental TD is the most famous version in the TowerBall: Idle Incremental TD series of publisher WaffleStack Studio LLC
Mod Version 548
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Tower Ball is an innovative and captivating mobile game that seamlessly blends the genres of tower defence and idle gameplay. In this game, players are tasked with defending against the relentless onslaught of falling balls by strategically building and upgrading towers and turrets. The core gameplay revolves around a unique combination of active tower defence strategies and passive idle progression, catering to a diverse audience of both strategy enthusiasts and casual gamers. In this article, we bring you the MOD APK version of the game with exclusive features of Ads-Free and Unlimited Money for free.

Great combination of build, upgrade, and defend

The premise of Tower Ball is simple yet engaging – players must build towers and turrets to defend against falling balls. With each ball destroyed, players earn cash and prestige points, setting the stage for continuous progression. What sets Tower Ball apart is its idle gameplay, allowing tower defence battles to unfold even when players are offline, ensuring a steady stream of prestige points.

The game adopts an incremental approach to tower defence, where players start with modest defences and progressively grow stronger with each level. As the difficulty increases, so do the rewards, providing a challenging yet rewarding gaming experience. Players are encouraged to upgrade their base defence by spending earned cash and unlocking special tower upgrades, enhancing their capabilities in the ongoing battle against the falling balls.

A diverse arsenal of towers and turrets

Tower Ball boasts a rich variety of towers and turrets, each with its own unique set of abilities and strategic advantages. From Gun Turrets that shoot high-damage bullets to Acid Shooters flinging corrosive substances, players have a plethora of options to experiment with and tailor their defence strategy. The inclusion of Shrink Rays, Electric Towers, Magnets, Bomb Towers, and Sawblades adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, allowing players to create the perfect battle setup for maximum earnings.

  • Gun turrets: are the stalwarts of your defence, delivering high-damage bullets one at a time. Ideal for dealing significant damage to individual targets, Gun Turrets form the backbone of a well-rounded defence strategy.
  • Bomb towers: unleash explosive bombs that smash into targets, dealing area-of-effect splash damage. Perfect for handling groups of falling balls, Bomb Towers excel at clearing multiple threats simultaneously, providing an effective solution to clustered challenges.
  • Shrink rays: fire lasers that deal continuous damage per second (DPS). Shrink Rays add a unique twist to the arsenal by not only dealing damage but also reducing the size of balls, potentially making them easier targets or disrupting their trajectories.
  • Electric towers: launch electrical orbs that bounce to multiple targets. Designed for crowd control, Electric Towers are effective against swarms of falling balls. Their ability to hit multiple targets makes them a versatile choice for strategic layouts.
  • Acid shooters: fling acid that deals poison damage and shrinks balls in a large area. Offering a combination of damage over time and a crowd-shrinking effect, Acid Shooters are invaluable for managing larger groups of balls and inflicting lasting damage.
  • Magnets: pull all balls towards them, creating opportunities for strategic combos. It provide a unique gameplay mechanic, allowing players to manipulate the movement of falling balls. Strategic placement can lead to effective combos with other towers.
  • Sawblades: shred balls, dealing melee damage on contact. Sawblades offer a close-quarters solution, making them effective for dealing with balls that manage to get past other defences. Their melee damage adds a dynamic element to the overall tower layout.

Strategic thinking is paramount in Tower Ball, as players must experiment with different turret combinations to discover the most efficient way to destroy falling balls. Each tower build yields different results, encouraging players to fine-tune their layouts for massive battle action.

Prestige and ladder tourneys for elevating the challenge

For those seeking an extra layer of challenge, Tower Ball introduces the concept of Prestige. By hitting the prestige button, players can restart the game with more money and special tower power-ups, ensuring that each subsequent run is more potent than the last. The competitive spirit is further stoked with Ladder Tourneys, allowing players to compete against others on a game-wide leaderboard and establish themselves as the ultimate tower defence champions.

Ad-free tower defence

In an era where forced ads can disrupt the gaming experience, Tower Ball offers a refreshing change by providing an ad-free environment. Players can focus on battling falling balls, strategizing their defences, and enjoying the game without any interruptions.


Tower Ball stands out as a compelling and well-crafted mobile game that combines the thrill of tower defence with the convenience of idle gameplay. With a diverse arsenal of towers, incremental progression, strategic depth, and competitive elements, Tower Ball offers a gaming experience that caters to a broad audience. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or someone looking for a casual and engaging gaming session, Tower Ball invites players to build, upgrade, and conquer in a world filled with dynamic tower defence challenges. Download Tower Ball MOD APK for free and embark on a journey filled with strategic brilliance, incremental growth, and non-stop entertainment!



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