Blox Dealership: 3D Car Garage

Blox Dealership: 3D Car Garage

v1.7.2 by Higame Global Ltd.

Blox Dealership: 3D Car Garage is a standout simulation game, combining entrepreneurship, creative car customization, and strategic management for an addictive experience in building and managing your

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Name Blox Dealership: 3D Car Garage
Publisher Higame Global Ltd.
Genre Casual
Size 77.76M
Version 1.7.2
Update February 16, 2024
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Blox Dealership: 3D Car Garage is the most famous version in the Blox Dealership: 3D Car Garage series of publisher Higame Global Ltd.
Mod Version 1.7.2
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Blox Dealership: 3D Car Garage is an innovative simulation game that puts players in the role of an entrepreneur managing their own car dealership. The game revolves around fulfilling dynamic customer requests, earning money, and strategically upgrading the dealership. With over 100 car items, stunning graphics, and an emphasis on creativity, players not only manage their business but also design and modify cars based on customer preferences. The game mirrors real-world entrepreneurship challenges and allows for interactive business expansion through facility upgrades and car purchases. Blox Dealership’s genre-defying fusion of simulation, strategy, and creativity makes it an engaging experience for a broad audience, offering a unique and addictive gaming adventure. In this article, APKLITE provides you with the MOD APK version of the game with more advanced features. Join us to find it out right now!

Innovative game concept

  • Entrepreneurial experience: Blox Dealership simulates the entrepreneurial journey within a car dealership, allowing players to step into the role of a budding entrepreneur in the automotive industry.
  • Creative customization: The game promotes creativity and customization, enabling players to manage their dealership while also designing and modifying cars based on unique customer requests. This hands-on customization sets Blox Dealership apart from traditional simulation games.
  • Adaptive customer requests: Dynamic customer requests add an unpredictable element to the game. Players must adapt to ever-changing customer preferences, injecting realism and excitement into the gameplay.
  • Strategic management: Blox Dealership includes strategic management, requiring players to make crucial decisions about resource allocation, dealership upgrades, and inventory management. This strategic layer adds depth to the gameplay beyond simple buying and selling.
  • Realistic business simulation: Unlike fantasy-focused games, Blox Dealership brings a touch of reality to the gaming experience. Players face challenges and decisions mirroring those encountered by real-world entrepreneurs, creating an immersive and relatable environment.
  • Interactive business expansion: The game goes beyond static management by allowing players to actively expand their business through facility upgrades and purchasing new cars. This interactive element mirrors real-life business dynamics, providing a sense of progression and growth.
  • Diverse gameplay objectives: Blox Dealership avoids confining players to a single objective. While the overarching goal is to build a successful car dealership, varied customer requests and evolving challenges keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.
  • Genre-defying fusion: By blending simulation, strategy, and creativity, Blox Dealership defies genre boundaries. This fusion caters to a broad audience, appealing to those who enjoy simulation, strategy, and creative expression in gaming.

Intuitive interface

The user interface is intuitive, allowing players to seamlessly navigate through various game features. The straightforward design ensures that both seasoned gamers and newcomers can quickly grasp the mechanics, fostering an inclusive gaming environment.

Diverse gameplay

  • Dynamic customer requests: The heart of the gameplay lies in catering to dynamic customer requests. This adds a layer of unpredictability and challenge, keeping players on their toes as they strive to meet the diverse preferences and demands of their virtual clientele.
  • Rewarding progression system: The progression system is rewarding, with a clear correlation between successful completion of tasks, financial gains, and unlocking new features. This creates a sense of accomplishment, motivating players to continuously enhance their dealership and strive for even greater success.
  • Strategic resource management: Blox Dealership encourages strategic resource management. Players must judiciously allocate funds to purchase new cars, upgrade their dealership, and meet customer demands efficiently. This strategic aspect adds depth to the gameplay, making it more than just a casual experience.
  • Addictive gameplay loop: The gameplay loop is addictive, with each successful transaction and satisfied customer fueling the desire to take on more challenges. The progression is well-paced, ensuring that players are constantly motivated to explore new cars, upgrades, and customization options.
  • Diverse car collection: The extensive collection of over 100 car items contributes significantly to the game’s replay value. The variety of cars available for purchase allows players to experiment with different styles and appeal to a broad virtual audience.

Immersive graphics

The game’s beautiful graphics play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall gaming experience. The attention to detail in car designs, showroom aesthetics, and environmental elements adds a layer of realism that captivates players and immerses them in the virtual world.


Blox Dealership: 3D Car Garage not only introduces a novel gaming concept but executes it flawlessly with its intuitive interface, dynamic gameplay, and rewarding progression system. This game is a testament to the developers’ commitment to delivering an engaging and enjoyable experience for players seeking a unique blend of strategy, creativity, and virtual entrepreneurship. You can access the link below for the game’s MOD APK file for free.



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