Ellipse: Rocket Simulator

Ellipse: Rocket Simulator

v0.7.8 by Astrelix

Embark on a celestial adventure unlike anything you've experienced before! Prepare to be captivated by the exhilarating world of Ellipse: Rocket Simulator. With its breathtaking graphics, realistic ph

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Name Ellipse: Rocket Simulator
Publisher Astrelix
Genre Simulation
Size 111M
Version 0.7.8
Update April 11, 2024
MOD Free Purchases
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Ellipse: Rocket Simulator is the most famous version in the Ellipse: Rocket Simulator series of publisher Astrelix
Mod Version 0.7.8
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Astrelix, a renowned game developer, has launched their latest masterpiece, Ellipse: Rocket Simulator. This highly anticipated game offers players a unique and thrilling experience as they embark on a journey into space, taking on the role of an astronaut. With its stunning graphics, realistic physics, and captivating gameplay, Ellipse promises to be a game that will leave players awe-inspired. Let’s dive into the key features that make Ellipse: Rocket Simulator an exceptional gaming experience. In this article, we bring you the MOD APK file of the game for free. Join us to find it out right now!

Realistic space exploration

Ellipse: Rocket Simulator takes realism to new heights, allowing players to immerse themselves in the intricacies of space exploration. From designing and building rockets to planning missions, every aspect of the game is meticulously crafted to provide an authentic astronaut experience. The game incorporates accurate physics models, orbital mechanics, and realistic celestial bodies, ensuring that players feel the weightlessness and vastness of space.

Rocket design and customization

Astrelix understands the thrill of crafting your own rockets, and Ellipse delivers on that front. Players have the freedom to design and customize their rockets using an intuitive interface. From selecting engines, fuel tanks, and boosters to optimizing weight distribution, players can unleash their creativity and build rockets that suit their mission objectives. The possibilities are endless, encouraging experimentation and innovation.

Mission planning and execution

In Ellipse, players have the opportunity to plan and execute a variety of missions, ranging from satellite deployments to crewed expeditions. The game features an extensive mission editor, allowing players to create their own challenges or recreate famous space missions from history. Precise maneuvering, orbital rendezvous, and docking are all part of the astronaut experience, making each mission a thrilling and rewarding endeavor.

Astronaut training and progression

Becoming an astronaut requires rigorous training, and Ellipse captures this aspect beautifully. Players can undertake various training programs to enhance their skills in piloting, navigation, and spacewalks. As you progress, you unlock new technologies, equipment, and missions, enabling you to explore deeper into the cosmos. The sense of achievement and growth adds a layer of satisfaction to the gameplay experience.

Rich and immersive environments

The game’s stunning visuals and detailed environments create a truly immersive experience. Ellipse showcases meticulously rendered celestial bodies, including the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond. Players can witness breathtaking views of distant galaxies and awe-inspiring nebulae. Dynamic weather systems and realistic lighting further enhance the immersion, making each space mission feel truly remarkable.

Community and modding support

Astrelix understands the importance of community and encourages players to share their experiences. Ellipse features a robust online community platform where players can interact, share their missions, and even collaborate on larger space projects. Additionally, the game supports modding, empowering players to create their own rockets, missions, and even entire solar systems. The possibilities for creativity and collaboration are endless.


Ellipse: Rocket Simulator is a game that will ignite your passion for space exploration. Astrelix has set a new standard with its attention to detail, realistic physics, and immersive gameplay. Whether you’re an aspiring astronaut or simply fascinated by the wonders of space, Ellipse offers an unparalleled experience. Get ready to embark on an epic journey and unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. Brace yourself for liftoff!



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  3. In the box that appears, select “Install”.
  4. If asked to activate an unknown source, agree.
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