Habitify: Habit Tracker

Habitify: Habit Tracker

v13.0.4 by Unstatic Ltd Co

Habitify: Habit Tracker stands out as a user-friendly app with innovative Smart Reminders, personalization options, and a strong focus on small, consistent steps for impactful habit-building.

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Name Habitify: Habit Tracker
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Version 13.0.4
Update May 23, 2024
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Habitify: Habit Tracker is the most famous version in the Habitify: Habit Tracker series of publisher Unstatic Ltd Co
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Habitify: Habit Tracker is a user-friendly and free mobile app designed to facilitate the establishment of positive habits. With a focus on organization, motivation, and progress tracking, Habitify stands out for its innovative use of “Smart Reminders” that go beyond mere notifications, providing motivational prompts for increased task completion. Users can personalize their habit-building journey, organizing habits based on different aspects of their lives. Emphasizing the significance of small, consistent steps, Habitify serves as a powerful tool for those seeking positive changes in their daily routines. In this article, we bring you the MOD APK file with Pro Lifetime and Paid Features Unlocked for free.

Smart reminders

Among the Habitify’s impressive array of features, the standout and most intriguing aspect is undeniably the incorporation of “Smart Reminders.” Going beyond conventional notifications, these reminders are a game-changer in habit tracking. Not content with merely prompting users, Habitify’s Smart Reminders are crafted to motivate and prepare individuals for their impending tasks. This innovative approach recognizes the psychological nuances of habit formation, ensuring that users not only receive timely notifications but are also inspired to take immediate action. By seamlessly integrating motivation into the reminder system, Habitify transforms the habit-building journey into a more engaging and supportive experience, setting it apart as a truly exceptional tool for personal development.

Organize your success

One of Habitify’s standout features is its ability to help users create a personalized system for success. Users can organize their habits based on the time of day and different areas of their lives, allowing for a tailored approach to habit-building that seamlessly integrates into their routines. This level of customization ensures that Habitify adapts to individual lifestyles, making it a versatile tool for anyone seeking positive change.

Track progress and stay motivated

Building habits is a journey, and Habitify provides users with the tools to stay motivated throughout. The app allows users to track their progress with precision, showcasing beautiful streaks of habit completion. The longer the streak, the more motivated users become to maintain their positive habits. Detailed tracking statistics, including daily performance, completion trend and rate, daily average, and total, offer insights into personal development and provide a roadmap for improvement.

Small steps, big results

Habitify understands that building good habits takes time. The app encourages users to focus on small, consistent steps each day, emphasizing that these small actions lead to significant results over time. By breaking down goals into manageable tasks and fostering consistency, Habitify becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Key features

  • Habit management: Create, organize, complete, and skip habits with ease.
  • Daily routine planner: Plan your day in detail, ensuring a balanced and productive routine.
  • Customizable display: Tailor the app to your preferences by customizing habit and habit area displays.
  • Detailed statistics: Gain valuable insights into your performance with comprehensive tracking statistics.
  • Progress tracker: Monitor your completion progress through trends, rates, calendars, daily averages, and totals.
  • Habit notes for reflection: Reflect on successful habits and create roadmaps for achieving new ones.


Habitify stands out as a comprehensive and intuitive habit tracker that empowers users to take control of their routines and build positive habits. With its smart features, customizable approach, and focus on progress tracking, Habitify is not just an app; it’s a companion on your journey to a healthier, more productive lifestyle. Download Habitify today and start transforming your habits one small step at a time.



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